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Rosa carolinianusThe Flora of the Washington-Baltimore Area is wonderfully rich and varied. In our local area, we have both plants of the more southern Coastal Plain and the northern Piedmont region. We have valleys and ravines, mountains and river slopes. We have forest and farmland, and urban and suburban lands. The variety of habitats makes the area a terrific place to be a botanist. With a few tools and a keen eye, anyone can discover the amazing plant life of Washington, D.C.

Marshes have wonderful plantlifeIn your journey to becoming a botanist, you will learn about the different kinds of plants in your neighborhood, and learn how to identify them. You will learn how to collect plants and create a herbarium to have a "hands-on" library of your local plants. Most importantly, you will learn that although plants do not walk, talk, or fly, they are fascinating to observe and study. Whether in your backyard or in a nature reserve, you can discover the wonderful world of botany.

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