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Sauropus sp.

About the Images

Ensete superbumThe Greenhouse Highlight shows some of the interesting collections used by research staff and housed in the departmental greenhouses. This material may be a species new to western science, or one known for many years in cultivation. Many have never been properly documented by photography. Some have additional photographs you can view through the Department of Botany's on-line inventory.

In addition to the current Highlight, you can search for past images by date, name or region, see a slide show, or browse thumbnails.

Tinantia anomalaFrom 2000 through 2007 the Greenhouse Highlight was known as "Plant of the Week" and rotated among our major, accessioned collections. Later we added non-accessioned material when available flowering specimens were scarce, but after more than 350 weeks of new and unique material, we no longer post weekly.

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