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Geostachys (Baker) Ridl.
J. Straits Branch R. Asiat. Soc. 32: 157 (1899); Holttum, Gard. Bull. Singapore 13: 224-236, Fig. 30 (1950).

     Acaulescent herbs, leaves in radical tufts; rhizome stout, on or above the ground stillrooted. Inflorescence lax, terminal on a separate leafless shoot, erect or decurved with 1-5 flowers to each bract; bracts small, inconspicuous; bracteole tubular, inflated, enclosing the cincinnus, opening at apex only; flowers yellow or pink with reddish marks; calyx tubular, split down 1 side; corolla tube slightly shorter than calyx; lateral staminodes usually absent; labellum erect, longer than petals, entire to distinctly 3-lobed; filament strap-shaped, as long as anther, crest mostly absent, sometimes entire or 3-lobed, small; ovary 3-locular. Capsule globose or ellipsoid, sometimes ribbed, dehiscence unknown; seeds arillate. (From Kubitsky, et al., p. 494)

Geographical Distribution:
     Found in S Vietnam, S Thailand, W Malaysia to Sumatra, and Borneo; most species are from the Malay Peninsula.

Taxonomic Diversity:
     Comprises about seven species.

Drawing of Geostachys densiflora Ridl. from K. Larsen, Bot. Tidsskr., lviii. 47: 1962, p. 46
Drawing of Geostachys holttumii K. Larsen from K. Larsen, Bot. Tidsskr. lviii. 47: 1962, p. 48

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