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Monophyllanthe K. Schum.
Pflanzenreich IV. 48: 165-166 (1902); Andersson, Nord. J. Bot. 1: 228-229 (1981).

     Aerial shoots with a single basal leaf each, and a small, simple inflorescence. Cymule markedly dolichoblastic, interphyll absent, bracteoles rudimentary, ridge-shaped. Flowers like Maranta, but 1 outer staminode often much reduced or absent. Fruit dehiscent; seeds arillate, perisperm canal distally branched. (From Kubitzki, et al., p. 290)

Geographical Distribution:
     Found in the Guianas and northern Amazon Basin.

Taxonomic Diversity:
     Comprises two species.

Monophyllanthe oligophylla K. Schum.

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