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Stachyphrynium K. Schum.
Pflanzenreich IV. 48: 45-49 (1902); Holttum, Gard. Bull. Singapore 13: 275-279 (1951).

     Rosulate plants. Inflorescence simple or a sparsely branched synflorescence, florescences ± coarsely spiciform, spathes distichous, persistent. Cymule brachyblastic, interphyll present or absent, bracteoles absent. Sepals 1/3 the length of the corolla tube or (usually) much shorter; corolla tube solid, twice the length of lobes or longer; outer staminodes 2, petaloid; ovary with 3 ovulate locules. Fruit dehiscent, seeds arillate. (From Kubitzki, et al., p. 288)

Geographical Distribution:
     India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia

Taxonomic Diversity:
     About ten species. The distinctiveness of the genus was doubted by Holttum, but the very long-tubed flowers with short, triangular, membranous sepals seem to be a good distinctive character.

Stachyphrynium longispicatum Suksathan, P. & Borchsenius, F. Isotype found at US National Herbarium.
Stachyphrynium aff. cylindricum K. Schum.

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