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contributed by H.J.M. Sipman

This "Checklist of Lichenized Fungi" was contributed by H.J.M. Sipman (B) in June 1996 and updated in March 1997 and August 1999. It is an edited and updated version of a published list (Hekking, W.H.A. & Sipman, H.J.M. 1988: The lichens reported from the Guianas before 1987. Willdenowia 17: 193-228), with additions and corrections current up to August 1999.

Since the March 1997 issue (432 species) the list has increased to 590 species. The increase is mainly due to publications on foliicolous lichens by L├╝cking and Sipman. The selection of species for the list is somewhat arbitrary, like before, based on what the author considers as a reliable reports. For literature references and further, probably less reliably recorded species, please contact the author at

Only recently published or confirmed species are listed. Over 100 additional species are reported in the literature, which need confirmation. Others have been recently observed but are not yet published and therefore not included. Particularly underrepresented are some common but poorly-understood groups, for which few reliable records are available, e.g., Graphidaceae.

The taxonomical arrangement largely follows Systema Ascomycetum. Deviations reflect personal opinions of the author. The families, genera, and species are arranged alphabetically. Distribution within the Guianas is indicated by a letter code: G = Guyana, S = Surinam, FG = French Guiana.

This checklist was produced independently of the "Checklist of the Plants of the Guianas" (Boggan et al. 1992, 1997). For more detailed information, and for additions and corrections, contact H. Sipman, Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Museum Berlin-Dahlem, Königin Luise Strasse 6-8, D-14191 Berlin, Germany FRG. Email: .

For more information about the Smithsonian's Biological Diversity of the Guiana Shield Program, please refer to the Biological Diversity of the Guiana Shield homepage or contact Sara Alexander at

Checklist of the Lichens of the Guianas

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