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Mount Maringma, Guyana
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Terry Henkel first went to Guyana on a trekking trip in 1991, during which he met Bruce Hoffman, the BDG resident collector at the time. One thing led to another and the next year Terry became the resident collector succeeding Hoffman. Over the span of 1992-1994 he collected 7589 numbers comprising over 35700 sheets. His focus areas included the Pakaraima Mountains, including trips to the summit of Mt. Ayanganna (with Bruce Hoffman) and repeated trips to the sandstone complex around Mt. Wokomung. Terry was the first resident collector for the BDG to penetrate and retrieve specimens from the Acarai Mountains in extreme southern Guyana. Terry was also the first collector in the BDG to take on a two year field appointment. About 76% of these collections have been determined, representing 2677 taxa in 996 genera.

Following the BDG resident collector position, Terry continued to work in Guyana, developing a long-term research program on the systematics and ecology of macrofungi. After working briefly in wilderness ecotourism in Guyana during 1995-96, during 1997-2001 Terry completed his PhD at Duke University working on systems in Guyana, including the structure and composition of monodominant, ectomycorrhizal Dicymbe forests and associated fungi in the Upper Ireng and Potaro Basins. Upon accepting a faculty position in mycology at Humboldt State University in 2002, Terry has continued expanding his Guiana Shield research, and is currently (2010-2012) working on an NSF Biodiversity Surveys and Inventories grant to fully document ectomycorrhizal fungi of the region. As of 2010 Terry has published 43 peer-reviewed papers on Guyana-related topics, and described >40 new species and 2 new genera of macrofungi. For every year from 1991-2010 Terry has made at least one, and often several, major field expeditions to Guyana. As they say in Guyana: "once you eat labba and drink creek water, you'll always come back"!

Main Map of Terry Henkel's Expedition TripsMain Map of Terry Henkel's Expedition Trips

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