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Mount Maringma, Guyana
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Tim McDowell was the fourth Resident Plant Collector to participate in the BDG Program. Over a nearly 18 month period, he spent 15 months in Guyana and more than 192 days in the field. He collected 3,242 plant numbers, including mixed collections that were eventually split. These specimens were processed first at the University of Guyana and then by the U.S. National Herbarium at the Smithsonian Institution. This processing included distribution to specialists for determination as well as distribution to other botanical institutions as part of specimen exchange programs. Currently, just over 85% of these plant collections have been identified to species. The determinations have shown that Tim McDowell collected over 1,500 taxa in 692 genera. Copies of his field notebooks and mounted vouchers for his collections are now in the Guyana National Herbarium housed at the CSBD, University of Guyana.

Dr. McDowell has become a specialist in the plant family Rubiaceae and is currently an associate professor at Eastern Tennessee State University (ETSU), teaching plant biology and systematics. He serves as curator of the John C. Warden Herbarium and as Director of the ETSU Arboretum. His publications include articles on the neotropical genera Exostema (McDowell, 1996a; McDowell & Bremer, 1998) and Syringantha (McDowell 1996b), Caribbean biogeography (McDowell et al., 2003; Fritsch & McDowell, 2003) and botanical teaching (Levy, Hill & McDowell, 2001; McDowell & Levy, 2003). He is currently preparing a taxonomic treatment for the genus Morinda (Rubiaceae) for the Flora of the Guianas with ETSU student Amanda Parks.

Main Map of Tim McDowell's Expedition TripsMain Map of Tim McDowell's Expedition Trips

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Read Tim McDowell's published trip report in PDF format:

Tim McDowell, 1990-1991
T. Hollowell, T. McDowell, V.A. Funk, C.L. Kelloff and D. Gopaul. 2004.
Contributions from the United States National Herbarium
Volume 50: 1 - 150

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