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The Second International Congress on the Biodiversity of the Guiana Shield will showcase advances made in biodiversity research, and provide a forum to share experiences in the use and management of biodiversity in the Guiana Shield. The conference will be held from August 1-4, 2010 in Macapa, Brazil. See the official website for information.

Brice Noonan's research homepage, focusing on the diversity and distributions of tropical organisms. He has studied reptiles and amphibians of the Guiana Shield, and has produced publications in collaboration with the BDG Program (listed under "associated publications" here).

Ants of the Guiana Shield, an online resource from the Smithsonian Department of Entomology by Ted Schultz, Jeffrey Sosa-Calvo, and John LaPolla.

Featured article on Iwokrama in Caribbean Beat Magazine, distributed by Caribbean Airlines. May/June 2008, pages 22-24.

Américas Magazine article on Kaieteur - "Falling for Tourists". Hardman, Chris. 2004. Américas 56 (6): 3. November/December 2004 issue.

National Geographic News article on Plant Collecting in Guyana, featuring H. David Clarke. May 8, 2001.

Geo Magazine Photo Essay on a BDG Plant collecting trip with H. David Clarke. Geo Wissen Nr. 25, Feb. 2000. Auf Deutsch. Photos Mattias Klum. Many thanks to author Johanna Wieland.

Native Orchids of Guyana Centerfold from Orchid Digest, Jan.-Feb.-Mar. 2000. Photos by H. David Clarke, Eric Christenson, and Marga Werkoven. Many Thanks to Eric Christenson.

Small waterfall on Chiung River, Kato, Guyana. Photo L.J. Gillespie

A small waterfall on the Chiung River, Kato, Guyana. Photo: L.J. Gillespie

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