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Mount Maringma, Guyana

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Photos taken by Terry Henkel unless otherwise indicated.

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Main Trip

Terry Henkel on highest point of Guyana! Summit of Mt. Ayanganna, ~6600 m. Kukuinang Tepui from top of Ando Falls, Upper Ireng River. Kaieteur Falls, from Gorge. Henkel at Rupununi savannas during wet season, Upper Ireng River above Orinduik. Henkel on summit of Mt. Wokomung.
Wai Wai Village from the air, Essequibo River headwaters. Kaatnang River, Tributary of Ireng River, Brazil Kurutuik Falls, Upper Ireng River.

Trip 1

Looking northwards from Ayanganna Mt. towards Mazaruni Head. Mt. Ayanganna seen from Chienowieng Village. Forest on Mt. Ayanganna slope. B. Hoffman and H. Kennedy sorting collected specimens. Kaieteur Plateau from summit of Mt. Ayanganna.
Plaque at summit of Mt. Ayanganna. Looking west from summit of Mt. Ayanganna. B. Hoffman and northern sub-plateau of Mt. Ayanganna. Mt. Ayanganna seen from Chienowieng Savanna. Ascending a vertical wall, Mt. Ayanganna.
Rock paintings at Maipuri Falls. Melastomataceae on summit of Mt. Ayanganna. B. Hoffman and Akawaio guides, Ayanganna expedition. Tepui scrub and surrounding tepuis from Mt. Ayanganna. View from summit of Mt. Ayanganna.
Rapids of the Upper Mazaruni River, dry season.

Trip 3

Black vultures, Bobby Fernandes ranch, Upper Ireng River. Savanna forest mosaic, Upper Ireng. Bobby Fernandes ranch\'s house, Upper Ireng River. Kamaiwak pinnacle, Mt. Wokomung Ridge. Patamona men plaiting with \'mukru\',  Upper Ireng River.
Norugu Creek, Upper Ireng. View of Kukuinang Tepui. Savannahs around Cipo settlement, Ireng River. <em>Amauroderma brittonii</em>, one of the largest mushroom fruiting bodies in the Neotropics. <em>Passiflora gladulosa</em> Cav. (Passifloraceae), Henkel 1186, Upper Ireng River.

Trip 5

Grandfather\'s Beard Falls, Kaieteur Gorge. <em>Stegolepis ferruginea</em> Baker (Rapateaceae), Henkel 2424, inflorescence, Kaieteur savanna. Kaieteur Falls, from Gorge. A specimen of <em>Navia</em> (Bromeliaceae). <em>Cyrilla racemiflora</em> L. (Cyrillaceae), Henkel 2459, Kaieteur savanna.
Romeo Williams with <em>Aechmea melinonii</em> (Bromeliaceae) and <em>Passiflora</em> sp. Seepage bog community, Kaieteur Falls top. Kaieteur Falls during high flow, from air. Kaieteur Falls during high flow, from air. Kaieteur Gorge in the evening light.
<em>Psygmorchis pusilla</em> (L.) Dodson & Dressler (Orchidaceae) Henkel 2401, Kaieteur Falls.

Trip 7

View of South Rupununi Savanna. Mimi Chin and Regis James at rock carvings, South Rupununi Savanna. Henkel with <em>Ficus</em> sp. tree, Marudi Mts. Meat smoking range, base camp. Mining camps and forest profile, Marudi Mt.
Bat Mountain granitic inselberg, view from Marudi Mt. Bignoniaceae flower. R. Williams and <em>Ficus</em> sp. tree, Marudi Mt.

Trip 8

Little Ayanganna, northern escarpment, Mt. Wokomung. Mt. Wokomung ridge. Cloud forest, Mt. Wokomung. Kamaiwah Pinnacle and Little Ayanganna along summit ridge Mt. Wokomung. Cloud forest, Mt. Wokomung.
Cloud forest, Mt. Wokomung. Patamona guides at base camp, Mt. Wokomung. R. Williams in cloud forest. Mt. Wokomung. Rupununi Savanna, from air.

Trip 9

Tiarnau Creek, a small tributary of Essequibo River, Acarai Mts. <em>Heliconia</em> sp., Acarai Mts. Wai Wai bowmen. Three-toed sloth, Acarai Mts. Manawanaro, Wai Wai Village, Upper Essequibo.
<em>Dendrobates azureus</em> on an aroid flower, Acarai Mts. M. Chin pressing plants, Acarai Mts. Base camp, Acarai Mts. Lower Kassakaityu River. Manawanaro, Wai Wai Village.
Wai Wai making paddles, Upper Essequibo. Marifa (Wai Wai) working on curare arrows. Marifa (Wai Wai) working on curare arrows. Yacipa (Wai Wai) working on curare arrows.

Trip 10

Patamona men Francino Edmond and Chris Andrew weaving with \'mukru\'. <em>Mourera fluviatilis</em>, \'orin\' fronds used in chewing tobacco. Blue pool, Norugu Creek. M. Chin, savanna, Upper Ireng. Henkel collecting <em>Agave</em> sp., Henkel 5500, Upper Ireng.
Heading towards Achiknak Tipu. Achiknak Tipu. Upper Ireng, North of Orindiuk Falls. <em>Norantea</em>, Orindiuk Falls. Jasper outcrop, Ireng River.
Valentino Joseph, transport by canoe. Malakwalai Tipu summit. <em>Pithecellobium</em> sp. (Fabaceae), Upper Ireng. Patamona cooking edible mushrooms known as kapiokwok (<em>Lentinula boryanum</em>).

Trip 11

Brink of Kurutuik Falls, Ireng River. Ando Falls, Sukabi River, Upper Ireng watershed.

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