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Dendrobates tinctorius, a poison arrow frog. Photo Terry Henkel

Principal Contributors: Robert Reynolds, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, Smithsonian Institution; Ross MacCulloch, Royal Ontario Museum; Mike Tamessar, University of Guyana; Cynthia Watson,University of Guyana; Charles J. Cole, American Museum of Natural History; and Carol Townsend, American Museum of Natural History.

Compiled by: The Biological Diversity of the Guiana Shield Program (BDG), Smithsonian Institution.


This preliminary list of herpetofauna is based upon known collections; it has been compiled from Guyana collections data gathered from several sources which are listed for each taxon. These sources include:

  • AMNH - The American Museum of Natural History, New York.
  • BMNH - The British Museum, London.
  • PCHP - Chelonian Research Institute, Oviedo, Florida; P.C.H. Pritchard, Director.
  • ROM - The Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada.
  • UG - University of Guyana, Centre for the Study of Biological Diversity, Georgetown Guyana.
  • UMMZ - University of Michigan, Zoology Department. To date only selected genera have been databased by BDG.
  • UTA - Universtiy of Texas, Arlington.
  • USNM - Department of Vertebrate Zoology, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution.

It is estimated that this list represents approximately 70% of the actual reptile and amphibian species of Guyana. Unidentified specimens may represent taxa new to the list, and listings for multiple institutions at the "sp." level may actually represent more than one taxon.

Note: Some specimen identifications presented in this list have not been verified by the Principal Contributors.

Eretmochelys imbricata, hawksbill sea turtle. Photo T. Hollowell

Eretmochelys imbricata, hawksbill sea turtle. Photo T. Hollowell


Download a pdf of the checklist here.

Class Amphibia

Order: Anura

Frogs & Toads

Family Allophrynidae
Allophryne ruthveni BMNH, UG, USNM
Family Bufonidae
Atelopus spumarius AMNH, BMNH, USNM
Bufo granulosus AMNH, BMNH, UG, USNM
Bufo granulosus group UG
Bufo guttatus AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Bufo margaritifer group AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Bufo marinus AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Bufo nasicus AMNH, BMNH, ROM, USNM
Bufo sp. AMNH, UG, USNM
Dendrophryniscus minutus AMNH, BMNH, UG, USNM
Oreophrynella macconnelli BMNH, USNM
Oreophrynella quelchii AMNH, USNM
Oreophrynella sp. ROM
Family Centrolenidae
Centrolene papillahallicum UTA, UG
Hyalinobatrachium taylori BMNH
Family Dendrobatidae
Colostethus beebei AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Colostethus brunneus AMNH, BMNH, ROM, USNM
Colostethus sp. AMNH
Colostethus sp. ROM
Dendrobates leucomelas AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Dendrobates sp. AMNH
Dendrobates tinctorius AMNH, BMNH, USNM
Epipedobates femoralis AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Epipedobates pictus AMNH, BMNH, ROM, USNM
Epipedobates trivittatus AMNH, BMNH, ROM, USNM
Family Hylidae
Hyla boans AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Hyla calcarata AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Hyla crepitans AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Hyla fasciata AMNH, UG, USNM
Hyla geographica AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Hyla granosa AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Hyla helenae BMNH, UMMZ
Hyla kanaima BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Hyla lemai BMNH, ROM
Hyla leucophyllata BMNH, UG, USNM
Hyla marmorata AMNH, BMNH, USNM
Hyla miniscula AMNH, UG, USNM
Hyla minuta AMNH, UG, USNM
Hyla multifasciata AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, UMMZ, USNM
Hyla ornatissima AMNH
Hyla roraima BMNH, ROM, UG
Hyla sibleszi BMNH, ROM, UG
Hyla sp. AMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Hyla warreni BMNH, ROM, USNM
Osteocephalus buckleyi AMNH, BMNH
Osteocephalus leprieurii AMNH, USNM
Osteocephalus taurinus AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Phrynohyas coriacea AMNH
Phrynohyas venulosa AMNH, BMNH, UG, USNM
Phyllomedusa bicolor BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Phyllomedusa hypocondrialis AMNH, BMNH, UG
Phyllomedusa tarsius AMNH
Phyllomedusa vaillantii AMNH, BMNH, UG, USNM
Scinax boesemani AMNH, UG, USNM
Scinax garbei AMNH, UG, USNM
Scinax nebulosus AMNH, BMNH, USNM
Scinax proboscideus AMNH, UG, USNM
Scinax rostratus ROM
Scinax ruber AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, UMMZ, USNM
Scinax ruber group ROM
Scinax trilineatus AMNH
Scinax x-signatus group AMNH, ROM, UG
Sphaenorhynchus lacteus AMNH, BMNH, ROM, USMN
Stefania ackawaio ROM, UG
Stefania ayangannae ROM, UG
Stefania coxi ROM, UG
Stefania evansi BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Stefania roraimae ROM, UG, USNM
Stefania scalae ROM
Stefania woodleyi BMNH, ROM
Tepuihyla talbergae BMNH, UG, USNM
Family Leptodactylidae
Adelophryne gutturosa BMNH, ROM, USNM
Adenomera andreae AMNH, BMNH, UG, USNM
Adenomera hylaedactyla AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Adenomera lutzi ROM, USNM
Adenomera sp. BMNH
Ceratophrys cornuta AMNH, UG
Eleutherodactylus chiastonotus BMNH
Eleutherodactylus fenestratus AMNH
Eleutherodactylus inguinalis ROM
Eleutherodactylus johnstonei AMNH, USNM
Eleutherodactylus marmoratus AMNH, BMNH, ROM, USNM
Eleutherodactylus pulvinatus BMNH, ROM
Eleutherodactylus sp. AMNH, BMNH, ROM
Eleutherodactylus urichi ROM, USNM
Eleutherodactylus zeuctotylus AMNH, BMNH, UG
Leptodactylus bolivianus AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Leptodactylus fuscus AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Leptodactylus knudseni AMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Leptodactylus leptodactyloides AMNH
Leptodactylus longirostris AMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Leptodactylus macrosternum AMNH, UG, USNM
Leptodactylus mystaceus AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Leptodactylus ocellatus AMNH, BMNH, USNM
Leptodactylus pallidirostris AMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Leptodactylus pentadactylus AMNH, BMNH
Leptodactylus petersii AMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Leptodactylus podicipinus BMNH
Leptodactylus rhodomystax AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Leptodactylus rugosus AMNH, BMNH, ROM, USNM, UG
Leptodactylus sp. UG
Lithodytes lineatus BMNH, UG, USNM
Physalaemus pustulosus BMNH
Physalaemus sp. AMNH, UG, USNM
Pleurodema brachyops AMNH, BMNH, UG
Pseudopaludicola boliviana AMNH, UG, USNM
Family Microhylidae
Chiasmocleis hudsoni BMNH
Chiasmocleis shudikarensis AMNH
Chiasmocleis sp. AMNH
Ctenophryne geayi AMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Elachistocleis ovalis AMNH, ROM, UG
Hamptophryne boliviana BMNH
Otophryne robusta AMNH, ROM, USNM
Otophryne steyermarki ROM
Synapturanus mirandaribeiroi AMNH, BMNH, ROM, USNM
Family Pipidae
Pipa arrabali AMNH, ROM, USNM
Pipa aspera USNM
Pipa pipa AMNH, BMNH, UG, USNM
Pipa sp. AMNH
Family Pseudidae
Lysapsus laevis AMNH, BMNH, UG, USNM
Pseudis paradoxa AMNH, BMNH, USNM
Family Ranidae
Rana cf. palmipes ROM
Rana palmipes AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM

Order: Gymnophiona


Family Caeciliidae
Caecilia gracilis BMNH, USNM
Caecilia pressula AMNH
Caecilia tentaculata AMNH, BMNH
Microcaecilia rabei BMNH
Microcaecilia sp. AMNH
Oscaecilia zweifeli AMNH
Family Rhinatrematidae
Epicrionops niger ROM
Rhinatrema bivittatum AMNH, BMNH

Class Reptilia

Order: Amphisbaenia

Worm Lizards

Family Amphisbaenidae
Amphisbaena alba AMNH, BMNH, UG
Amphisbaena fuliginosa AMNH, BMNH, UG, USNM
Amphisbaena vanzolinii AMNH

Order: Crocodylia


Family Alligatoridae
Caiman crocodilus BMNH, UG, USNM
Melanosuchus niger AMNH
Paleosuchus palpebrosus UG, USNM
Paleosuchus trigonatus BMNH

Order: Squamata

Suborder Lacertilia


Family Gekkonidae
Coleodactylus amazonicus AMNH
Coleodactylus septentrionalis AMNH, BMNH, UG, USNM
Gonatodes annularis AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Gonatodes caudiscutatus AMNH
Gonatodes humeralis AMNH, BMNH, UG, USNM
Gonatodes sp. AMNH
Gonatodes vittatus AMNH
Hemidactylus mabouia AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Hemidactylus palaichthus AMNH, BMNH, UG
Pseudogonatodes guianensis AMNH, BMNH, UG
Sphaerodactylus molei AMNH, BMNH
Thecadactylus rapicauda AMNH, BMNH, UG, USNM
Family Gymnophthalmidae
Alopoglossus angulatus AMNH
Arthrosaura guianensis ROM, UG, USNM
Arthrosaura reticulata AMNH
Arthrosaura versteegii AMNH
Bachia flavescens AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Cercosaura ocellata AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG
Gymnophthalmus leucomystax AMNH, UG
Gymnophthalmus underwoodi AMNH, BMNH, UG, USNM
Gymnophthalmus vanzoi AMNH, UG
Iphisa elegans AMNH, BMNH, UG, USNM
Leposoma guianense AMNH, BMNH
Leposoma percarinatum AMNH, BMNH, UG, USNM
Neusticurus bicarinatus AMNH, BMNH, USNM
Neusticurus rudis AMNH, BMNH, ROM, USNM
Prionodactylus argulus AMNH
Riolama leucosticta BMNH
Tretioscinus sp. AMNH
Family Polychrotidae
Anolis aeneus AMNH, BMNH, ROM, USNM
Anolis auratus AMNH, BMNH, UG, USNM
Anolis chrysolepis AMNH, BMNH, UG, USNM
Anolis extremus BMNH, ROM, USNM
Anolis fuscoauratus AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Anolis ortonii AMNH, BMNH, UG
Anolis punctatus AMNH, BMNH, ROM
Anolis roquet AMNH, UG
Anolis sp. AMNH, UG
Iguana iguana AMNH
Polychrus marmoratus AMNH, BMNH, UG, USNM
Family Scincidae
Mabuya bistriata BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Mabuya nigropunctata AMNH
Family Teiidae
Ameiva ameiva AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Cnemidophorus lemniscatus AMNH, BMNH, UG, USNM
Cnemidophorus sp. USNM
Kentropyx borckiana AMNH, BMNH, UG, USNM
Kentropyx calcarata AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Kentropyx striata AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Tupinambis teguixin AMNH, BMNH, UG, USNM
Family Tropiduridae
Plica plica AMNH, BMNH, ROM, USNM
Plica umbra AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Tropidurus hispidus AMNH, BMNH, UG, USNM
Tropidurus sp. BMNH, USNM
Uracentron azureum BMNH
Uranoscodon superciliosus AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM

Suborder Serpentes


Family Aniliidae
Anilius scytale AMNH, BMNH, UG, USNM
Family Anomalepidae
Typhlophis squamosus AMNH
Family Boidae
Boa constrictor AMNH, BMNH, USNM
Corallus caninus AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG
Corallus hortulanus AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Epicrates cenchria AMNH, BMNH, UG
Eunectes murinus AMNH, BMNH, UG, USNM
Family Colubridae
Atractus badius AMNH
Atractus favae AMNH, BMNH
Atractus schach BMNH
Atractus sp. AMNH
Atractus steyermarki BMNH
Atractus torquatus AMNH, BMNH
Atractus trilineatus AMNH, BMNH, ROM
Chironius carinatus AMNH, BMNH, USNM
Chironius exoletus BMNH
Chironius fuscus AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Chironius multiventris AMNH, BMNH, USNM
Chironius scurrulus AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Chironius sp. AMNH, ROM
Clelia clelia AMNH, BMNH
Dendrophidion dendrophis AMNH
Dipsas catesbyi AMNH, BMNH, UG, USNM
Dipsas copei BMNH, ROM
Dipsas indica AMNH, BMNH
Dipsas pavonina AMNH, BMNH, UG
Dipsas sp. ROM
Dipsas variegata AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Drepanoides anomalus BMNH
Drymarchon corais AMNH, BMNH, UG, USNM
Drymobius rhombifer AMNH
Drymoluber dichrous AMNH, BMNH, UG, USNM
Elapomorphus quinquelineatus USNM
Erythrolamprus aesculapii AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Erythrolamprus bauperhtusii AMNH
Helicops angulatus AMNH, BMNH, UG, USNM
Helicops sp. AMNH
Hydrodynastes bicinctus AMNH, BMNH
Hydrops triangularis AMNH, UG
Imantodes cenchoa BMNH, ROM, UG
Imantodes lentiferus BMNH, USNM
Leptodeira annulata AMNH, BMNH, UG, USNM
Leptophis ahaetulla AMNH, BMNH, UG, USNM
Leptophis sp. AMNH
Liophis breviceps AMNH, UG
Liophis cobella AMNH, BMNH, ROM, USNM
Liophis lineatus AMNH, BMNH, USNM
Liophis miliaris AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG
Liophis poecilogyrus AMNH, BMNH, USNM
Liophis reginae AMNH, BMNH, UG, USNM
Liophis sp. AMNH
Liophis typhlus AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Mastigodryas boddaerti AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Mastigodryas sp. USNM
Ninia hudsoni BMNH
Oxybelis aeneus AMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Oxybelis fulgidus AMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Oxyrhopus melanogenys AMNH
Oxyrhopus petola AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Oxyrhopus sp. AMNH
Oxyrhopus trigeminus AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG
Philodryas olfersii AMNH, UG
Philodryas viridissimus AMNH, BMNH, USNM
Phimophis guianensis AMNH, BMNH, UG, USNM
Pseudoboa coronata BMNH, UG, USNM
Pseudoboa neuwiedii AMNH, BMNH, UG
Pseudoeryx plicatilis ROM, USNM
Pseustes poecilonotus AMNH, BMNH, UG, USNM
Pseustes sulphureus AMNH, BMNH, UG, USNM
Rhadinea brevirostris BMNH
Rhinobothryum lentiginosum USNM
Sibon nebulata AMNH, BMNH, ROM, USNM
Spilotes pullatus AMNH, BMNH, UG, USNM
Tantilla melanocephala AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Tantilla sp. AMNH
Thamnodynastes pallidus AMNH, BMNH
Thamnodynastes sp. AMNH
Thamnodynastes strigilis AMNH, BMNH
Tripanurgos compressus AMNH, BMNH, UG, USNM
Waglerophis merremii AMNH, BMNH
Xenodon rabdocephalus AMNH, BMNH
Xenodon severus AMNH, ROM, USNM
Xenodon sp. AMNH
Xenopholis scalaris AMNH, BMNH
Xenoxybellis argenteus AMNH
Family Elapidae
Micrurus hemprichii ROM, UG
Micrurus lemniscatus AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Micrurus psyches AMNH, BMNH, ROM
Micrurus surinamensis AMNH, BMNH, UG, USNM
Family Leptotyphlopidae
Leptotyphlops albifrons AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Leptotyphlops dimidiatus AMNH, ROM, UG
Leptotyphlops macrolepis ROM, USNM
Leptotyphlops septemstriatus AMNH, BMNH
Family Typhlopidae
Typhlops brongersmianus AMNH
Typhlops minuisquamus AMNH
Typhlops reticulatus AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Family Viperidae
Bothriopsis bilineata AMNH, BMNH, UG
Bothrops atrox AMNH, BMNH, ROM, UG, USNM
Bothrops brazili AMNH, BMNH
Bothrops sp. AMNH
Crotalus durissus AMNH, BMNH, USNM
Lachesis muta AMNH, BMNH, UG, USNM

Order: Testudines


Family Chelidae
Chelus fimbriatus PCHP
Phrynops geoffroanus BMNH, PCHP, USNM
Phrynops gibbus AMNH, BMNH, PCHP, USNM
Platemys platycephala AMNH, BMNH, PCHP, UG, USNM
Family Cheloniidae
Caretta caretta PCHP
Chelonia mydas PCHP
Eretmochelys imbricata BMNH, PCHP, USNM
Lepidochelys olivacea BMNH, PCHP
Family Dermochelyidae
Dermochelys coriacea PCHP
Family Emydidae
Rhinoclemmys punctularia AMNH, BMNH, PCHP, USNM
Family Kinosternidae
Kinosternon scorpioides PCHP, USNM
Family Pelomedusidae
Podocnemis expansa PCHP
Podocnemis unifilis AMNH, BMNH, PCHP
Family Testudinidae
Geochelone carbonaria AMNH, BMNH, PCHP, USNM
Geochelone denticulata AMNH, BMNH, PCHP, USNM

Updated 16 October 2002

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