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Drosera sp.

Acanthaceae (Sea Holly Family) - herbaceous or shrubby, seldom tree-like; leaves opposite, simple; flowers often red, subtended by conspicuous bracts; fruit a capsule.
(reviewed by D. Wasshausen, 1997)

Lepidagathis alopecuroides (Vahl) Grisebach *
Odontonema schomburgkianum (Nees) Kuntze

Amaranthaceae (Cockscomb Family) - herb; leaves opposite, simple: flowers greenish to tannish, forming a spike; fruit small and dry with spines.

Cyathula prostrata (Linnaeus) Blume

Anacardiaceae (Cashew Family) - tree; leaves alternate, simple; flowers small, yellow to white, turning red after pollination; hypocarp red; fruit brown or black at maturity, subreniform.

Anacardium giganteum W. Hancock ex Engler
Tapirira guianensis Aublet *

Annonaceae (Soursop Family) - small tree, sometimes a liana; leaves alternate, simple; flowers with broad thickish imbricate petals, maroon, white or yellowish; fruit an aggregate of berries or a syncarp.

Annona symphyocarpa Sandwith
Duguetia pycnastera Sandwith
Guatteria conspicua R.E. Fries
Guatteria umbonata R.E. Fries
Rollinia exsucca (de Candolle ex Dunal) A. de Candolle *
Xylopia benthamii R.E. Fries *

Apocynaceae (Dogbane Family) - tree, shrub, or liana (often with poisonous milky latex); leaves opposite or whorled, simple, entire; flowers showy, variable in color; fruit a berry or follicle.

Anartia cerea (Woodson) Allorge
Bonafousia rupicola (Bentham) Miers var. versicolor (Woodson) Allorge
Couma rigida Müller-Argoviensis *
Forsteronia guyanensis Müller-Argoviensis
Forsteronia schomburgkii A. de Candolle
Himatanthus articulatus (Vahl) Woodson
Himatanthus bracteatus (A. de Candolle) Woodson *
Lacmellea aculeata (Ducke) Monachino
Mandevilla benthamii (A. de Candolle) K. Schumann *
Mandevilla subcarnosa (Bentham) Woodson
Mandevilla trianae Woodson
Mandevilla vanheurckii (Müller-Argoviensis) Markgraf
Mesechites trifida (Jacq.) Müller-Argoviensis *
Odontadenia nitida (Vahl) Müller-Argoviensis *
Odontadenia puncticulosa (A. Richard) Pulle
Parahancornia fasciculata (Poiret) Benoist ex Pichon
Prestonia acutifolia (Bentham ex Müller-Argoviensis) K. Schumann
Prestonia annularis (Linnaeus f.) G. Don
Prestonia coalita (Vellozo) Woodson
Prestonia lindleyana Woodson
Prestonia perplexa Woodson
Tabernaemontana cerea (Woodson) Leeuwenberg
Tabernaemontana disticha A. de Condolle
Tabernaemontana macrocalyx Müller-Argoviensis
Tabernaemontana versicolor = Bonafousia rupicola var. versicolor

Aquifoliaceae (Holly Family) - tree or shrub; leaves alternate, simple, commonly spiny; flowers in fascicles, with 4 (rarely 5) white petals; fruit a drupe, red, yellow, orange-red, or purple-black.

Ilex fanshawei Edwin
Ilex jenmanii Loesener
Ilex soderstromii Edwin var. ovata Edwin [endemic]
Ilex soderstromii Edwin var. soderstromii [endemic]

Asclepidaceae (Milkweed Family) - herbaceous or subwoody vine with milky latex; leaves opposite; flowers tubular, yellow, green to brownish; fruit a follicle.

Blepharodon nitidus (Vellozo) Macbride
Matelea palustris Aublet
Matelea stenopetala Sandwith *
Tassadia propinqua Decaisne

Asteraceae (Sunflower Family) - herb, trailing vine, sometimes a shrub; leaves alternate or opposite; flowers white, yellow, blue to blue-violet, arranged in a capitulum; fruit an achene; often growing in open areas.
(reviewed by V.A. Funk, 1997)

Acanthospermum australe (Loefling) Kuntze
Acanthospermum brasilium Shrank
Bidens cynapiifolia Kunth *
Calea lucidivenia Gleason & Blake var. lucidivenia
Calea oliveri B.L. Robinson & Greenman *
Clibadium surinamense Linnaeus *
Elephantopus mollis Kunth *
Emilia fosbergii Nicolson *
Emilia sonchifolia (Linnaeus) de Candolle ex Wight *
Erechtites hieracifolia (Linnaeus) Rafinesque ex de Candolle
Lepidaploa (Vernonia) cotoneaster (Lessing) H. Robinson
Lepidaploa gracilis (Kunth) H. Robinson *
Lepidaploa remotiflora (L.C. Richard) H. Robinson
Mikania banisteriae de Candolle
Mikania hookeriana de Candolle
Mikania parviflora (Aublet) Karsten *
Mikania psilostachya de Candolle
Mikania sprucei Baker in Martius
Rolandra fruticosa (Linnaeus) Kuntze *
Unxia camphorata Linnaeus f. *
Vernonia contoneaster = Lepidaploa contoneaster
Vernonia gracilis = Lepidaploa gracilis
Vernonia remotiflora = Lepidaploa remotiflora
Wulffia baccata (Linnaeus f.) Kuntze

Balanophoraceae - saprophyte, yellowish, reddish or brownish; leaves scale like, alternate; inflorescences spadix-like; fruit a small achene. Host species: Inga sp. and Boehmeria sp.

Helosis cayennensis (Swartz) Sprengel var. cayennensis *

Begoniaceae (Begonia) - herb; leaves alternate, simple, often palmately lobed; flowers showy, white or pinkish; fruit a winged capsule.
(reviewed by D. Wasshausen)

Begonia assurgens = B. jenmanii
Begonia fischeri Schrank *
Begonia jenmanii Tutin
Begonia kaieturensis = B. cf. prieurei
Begonia kvistii = B. jenmanii
Begonia prieurei A. de Candolle
Begonia steyermarkii = B. cf. prieurei

Bignoniaceae (Calabash Family) - tree, shrub or woody vine; leaves opposite, sometimes whorled, usually palmately or pinnately compound, sometime simple; flowers large, showy, tubular, variously colored; fruit an elongated capsule.

Anemopaegma robustum Bureau & K. Schumann
Arrabidaea candicans (L.C. Richard) de Candolle
Clytostoma binatum (Thunberg) Sandwith *
Digomphia deniscoma (Martius ex de Candolle) Pilger
Distictella elongata (Vahl) Urban *
Distictella magnoliifolia (Kunth) Sandwith
Distictella parkeri (de Candolle) Sprague & Sandwith
Distictella racemosa = D. magnoliifolia
Jacaranda copaia (Aublet) D. Don subsp. spectabilis (Martius ex de Candolle) A.H. Gentry *
Jacaranda obtusifolia Humboldt & Bonpland subsp. rhombifolia (G. Meyer) A.H. Gentry
Martinella obovata (Kunth) Bureau & K. Schumann *
Memora schomburgkii (de Candolle) Miers
Paragonia pyramidata (L.C. Richard) Bureau *
Phryganocydia corymbosa (Bentham) Bureau ex K. Schumann
Schlegelia spruceana Bureau & K. Schumann
Schlegelia violacea (Aublet) Grisebach *
Tabebuia insignis (Miquel) Sandwith var. monophylla Sandwith
Tabebuia subtilis Sprague & Sandwith *

Bixaceae (Annatto Family) - tree or shrub; resin red or yellow; leaves simple; flower with 5-petals, white to pink; fruit a 2-valved capsule, spiny.

Bixa orellana Linnaeus *

Bombacaceae (Balsa Wood Family) - tree or shrub; leaves alternate, compound; flowers white or tan to red; fruit woody, 5-valved with seeds imbedded in abundant beige kapok.

Bombax flaviflorum = Rhodognaphalopsis flaviflora
Catostemma fragrans Bentham
Pachira aquatica Aublet *
Pachira minor (Sims) Hemsley
Pochota minor = Rhodognaphalopsis minor
Rhodognaphalopsis flaviflora (Pulle) A. Robyns
Rhodognaphalopsis minor (Pulle) A. Robyns

Bonnetiaceae - tree or shrub, bark with resinous balsam; leaves alternate, typically coriaceous; flowers white to pink; fruit a 5-locular capsule.

Archytaea multiflora = A. triflora
Archytaea triflora Martius *
Bonnetia sessilis Bentham *

Boraginaceae (Borage Family) - tree, shrub or liana; leaves alternate, simple; flowers small, commonly blue, white, pink, or yellow; fruit a fleshy drupe, variously colored. (Cordia nodosa - hollow nodes inhabited by ants).
(reviewed by C. Feuillet)

Cordia nervosa Lamarck
Cordia nodosa Lamarck *
Tournefortia ulei Vaupel

Burseraceae (Frankincense Family) - tree with aromatic (turpentine-like) resin in inner bark; leaves pinnately compound; flowers small, cream, greenish, or tannish; fruit a reddish drupe.

Protium aracouchini (Aublet) Marchand *
Protium demerarense Swart
Protium subserratum (Engler) Engler *
Protium trifoliolatum Engler
Trattinnickia burserifolia Martius *

Campanulaceae (Bellflower Family) - herb with milky sap; leaves alternate, serrate; flowers bright red; fruit fleshy.

Centropogon cornutus (Linnaeus) Druce *

Caryocaraceae - tree; leaves opposite or alternate, 3-foliolate; flowers yellow (white or pink); fruit 1-several seeded and indehiscent, green at maturity.

Anthodiscus mazarunensis Gilly *
Caryocar microcarpum Ducke *

Caryophyllaceae (Carnation Family)- herb; leaves opposite; flowers white; fruit a capsule.

Drymaria cordata (Linnaeus) Willdenow ex Roemer & Schultes *

Cecropiaceae (Trumpet Tree Family) - woody herb (Cecropia) or woody hemiepiphyte (Coussapoa); leaves palmately lobed (Cecropia) or unlobed (Coussapoa); flowers small; fruit a multiple drupe or achenes (Coussapoa) or small and dry (Cecropia). In Cecropia ants can be found inhabiting the internodes.

Cecropia angulata I.W. Bailey
Coussapoa microcephala Trécul *

Celastraceae (Bittersweet Family) - tree or shrub; leaves alternate, coriaceous; flowers tiny, greenish; fruits small, round, reddish.

Maytenus guyanensis Klotzsch ex Reissek *
Maytenus oblongata Reissek

Chrysobalanaceae (Coco Plum Family) - tree or shrub, bark sometimes with a little red, bitter sap; leaves alternate, simple, and entire; flowers often tiny and white, in Couepia the flowers are large; fruit either large with a dry leathery exocarp or small and berrylike (Hirtella).

Couepia cognata (Steudel) Fritsch var. major Prance
Couepia comosa Bentham
Couepia habrantha Standley
Couepia obovata Ducke
Hirtella angustissima Sandwith
Hirtella caduca Fanshawe & Maguire
Hirtella hispidula Miquel
Hirtella racemosa Lamarck var. racemosa *
Hirtella silicea Grisebach
Hirtella subsetosa = H. hispidula
Licania affinis Fritsch
Licania alba (Bernoulli) Cuatrecasas
Licania heteromorpha Bentham var. heteromorpha
Licania incana Aublet *
Licania laxiflora Fritsch
Licania leptostachya Bentham
Parinari maguirei Prance

Clusiaceae (Mangosteen Family) - tree, shrub, sometimes epiphytic shrub; latex white, cream, bright yellow, or orange; leaves opposite, sometimes alternate; flowers white, red, or petals woolly (Vismia); fruit a capsule with starlike apical dehiscence, seeds often with red aril or a berry.
(reviewed by J.J. Pipoly)

Calophyllum sp.
Clusia colorans = C. pana-panari
Clusia crassifolia Planchon & Triana
Clusia cuneata Bentham
Clusia grandiflora Splitgerber *
Clusia hammeliana Pipoly *
Clusia jenmanii Engler var. jenmanii
Clusia maguireana Pipoly, sp. nov. ined.
Clusia mutica Maguire
Clusia myriandra (Bentham) Planchon & Triana
Clusia nemorosa G. Meyer *
Clusia palmicida L.C. Richard
Clusia panapanari (Aublet) Choisy *
Clusia savannarum Maguire
Clusia schomburgkiana (Planchon & Triana) Bentham ex Engler *
Clusia scrobiculata Benoist
Clusia sessilis Klotzsch ex Engler
Mahurea exstipulata Bentham *
Moronobea jenmanii Engler *
Symphonia globulifera Linnaeus f. *
Tovomita tenuiflora Bentham
Vismia guyanensis (Aublet) Choisy *
Vismia japurensis Reichardt
Vismia latifolia (Aublet) Choisy
Vismia macrophylla Kunth

Combretaceae (Gree Gree Tree Family) - Tree, shrub, or liana; leaves opposite (Combretum) or alternate (Buchenavia & Terminalia); flowers white to yellow-green; fruit fleshy or dry with 4-5 wings or ridges.

Buchenavia parvifolia Ducke *
Combretum brunnescens = C. laxum
Combretum laurifolium Martius
Combretum laxum Jacquin *
Terminalia quintalata Maguire

Cucurbitaceae (Cucumber Family) - twining vine with tendrils; leaves alternate, palmately 5-lobed; flowers large, yellow; fruit usually a modified berry (pepo).

Cucurbita moschata (Duchartre ex Lamarck) Duchartre ex Poiret
Gurania subumbellata (Miquel) Cogniaux *
Lagenaria siceraria (Molina) Standley *
Luffa aegyptiaca Miller [cultivated] *
Momordica charantia Linnaeus
Psiguria triphylla (Miquel) C. Jeffrey *

Cyrillaceae - small tree or shrub; leaves alternate, coriaceous; flowers small, white; fruit small, reddish-green.

Cyrilla racemiflora Linnaeus *

Dilleniaceae - small tree, shrub or woody vine; leaves scabrous (sandpapery); flowers yellow; fruit berry-like, green or fleshy and red.
(compiled and reviewed by C.L. Kelloff)

Davilla kunthii A. Saint-Hilaire *
Doliocarpus guianensis (Aublet) Gilg *
Doliocarpus savannarum Sandwith
Doliocarpus spraguei Cheesman *
Pinzona coriacea Martius & Zuccarini *
Tetracera asperula Miquel subsp. asperula

Droseraceae (Sundew Family) - tiny insectivorous herb; leaves reddish with glandular hairs; flowers small, white; fruit a capsule.
(compiled by C.L. Kelloff)

Drosera cayennensis Sagot ex Diels
Drosera kaieteurensis Brummer-Dinger *

Ebenaceae (Ebony Family) - small to medium tree; leaves alternate, simple; flowers small, found at base of leaves; fruit globose.

Diospyros ierensis Britton

Ericaceae (Blueberry Family) - rarely tree or herb, shrub, sometimes epiphytic; leaves alternate, coriaceous; flowers generally large; fruit a berry.

Bejaria [Befaria] aestuans Mutis ex Linnaeus f. *
Bejaria [Befaria] sprucei Meisner
Bejaria [Befaria] glauca = B. aestuans
Notopora schomburgkii J.D. Hooker *
Orthaea merumensis Maguire, Steyermark & Luteyn
Psammisia guianensis Klotzsch
Satyria panurensis (Bentham) Bentham & J.D. Hooker *
Sphyrospermum buxifolium Poeppig & Endlicher
Sphyrospermum cordifolium Bentham
Thibaudia nutans Klotzsch ex Mansfeld *
Thibaudia ulei = T. nutans
Vaccinium puberulum Klotzsch ex Meissner
Vaccinium subcrenulatum = V. puberulum s.l.

Erythroxylaceae (Coca Family) - small tree or shrub; leaves alternate, entire, simple; flowers small, inconspicuous; fruit red, single-seeded.

Erythroxylum citrifolium J. Saint-Hilaire *

Euphorbiaceae (Spurge Family) - tree, shrub or herb, sometimes twining or climbing; plant with milky sap; leaves alternate, simple or compound; flowers small; fruit a schizocarp.

Chaetocarpus schomburgkianus (Kuntze) Pax & K. Hoffmann
Chamaesyce prostrata (Aiton) Small
Conceveiba guianensis Aublet
Croton cuneatus Klotzsch
Croton hostmannii Miquel
Croton kaieteuri Jablonski
Croton nuntians Croizat
Euphorbia prostrata Aiton
Hevea sp.
Mabea rubicunda Jablonski
Mabea taquari Aublet *
Manihot esculenta Crantz [cult., naturalized]
Maprounea guianensis Aublet *
Micrandra siphonoides Bentham
Pera bicolor (Klotzsch) Müller-Argoviensis *
Pera schomburgkiana = P. bicolor
Phyllanthus vacciniifolius (Müller-Argoviensis) Müller-Argoviensis
Sandwithia guianensis Lanjouw

Fabaceae -- Caesalpinoideae (Bean or Legume Family) - tree, shrub, undershrub, or woody vine, rarely herb; leaves pinnately, or sometimes bipinnately, compound; flowers typically showy, variously colored; fruit a legume (bean). Tamarind (introduced Tamarindus) found in this sub-family.

Aldina sp.
Bauhinia guianensis Aublet *
Cassia apoucouita = Chamaecrista apoucouita
Cassia latifolia = Senna latifolia
Chamaecrista adiantifolia (Bentham) Irwin & Barneby var. pteridophylla (Sandwith) Irwin & Barneby
Chamaecrista apoucouita (Aublet) Irwin & Barneby *
Dicymbe jenmanii Sandwith
Dicymbe pharangophila Cowan
Dimorphandra cuprea Sprague & Sandwith
Dimorphandra macrostachya Bentham
Dimorphandra rufa Sprague & Sandwith
Eperua falcata Aublet *
Eperua grandiflora (Aublet) Bentham *
Eperua rubiginosa Miquel
Macrolobium angustifolium (Bentham) Cowan
Macrolobium bifolium (Aublet) Persoon *
Macrolobium huberianum Ducke var. pubirachis Amshoff
Macrolobium suaveolens Spruce ex Bentham
Recordoxylon amazonicum (Ducke) Ducke
Senna latifolia (G. Meyer) Irwin & Barneby *
Senna multijuga (L.C. Richard) Irwin & Barneby
Senna occidentalis (Linnaeus) Link *
Senna quinquangulata (L.C. Richard) Irwin & Barneby
Swartzia eriocarpa Bentham [rare]
Swartzia grandifolia Bongard ex Bentham var. leiogyne Sandwith
Swartzia laevicarpa Amshoff
Swartzia lamellata Ducke var. kaieteurensis Cowan
Swartzia leiogyne (Sandwith) Cowan
Tachigalia pubiflora Bentham

Fabaceae -- Mimosoideae (Bean or Legume Family) - tree, shrub, herb or woody vine; leaves usually bipinnately compound; flowers small, usually in dense heads, filaments long and brightly colored; fruit a legume (bean).

Albizia corymbosa = Hydrochorea corymbosa
Albizia gonggrypii = Hydrochorea gonggrypii
Calliandra laxa (Willdenow) Bentham var. stipulacea (Bentham) Barneby
Calliandra surinamensis Bentham
Hydrochorea corymbosa (A. Richard) Barneby & Grimes [gen.& comb. ined.]
Hydrochorea gonggrijpii (Kleinhans) Barneby & Grimes [gen.& comb. ined.]
Inga nobilis Willdenow
Inga sertulifera de Candolle
Macrosamanea sp.
Mimosa myriadenia (Bentham) Bentham var. myriadenia
Pentaclethra macroloba (Willdenow) Kuntze *
Pithecellobium corymbosum = Hydrochorea corymbosa
Pithecellobium gonggrijpii Kleinhans = Hydrochorea gongrijpii
Zygia potaroensis Barneby & Grimes, sp. nov. ined.

Fabaceae -- Papilionoideae (Bean or Legume Family) - tree, shrub, subshrub, or herb; leaves pinnately compound, trifoliolate, or reduced to one leaflet; flowers papilionoid (with standard, wings, and keel); fruit a legume (bean).

Andira grandistipula Amshoff
Centrosema sp.
Clitoria javitensis (Kunth) Bentham var. glabra Sagot
Clitoria kaieteurensis Fantz
Clitoria sagotii Fantz
Dalbergia riedeli (Radlkofer) Sandwith
Dalbergia sp. *
Desmodium adscendens (Swartz) de Candolle
Desmodium barbatum (Linnaeus) Bentham & ™rsted
Dioclea coriacea Bentham
Dioclea guianensis Bentham
Dioclea macrantha Huber
Dioclea macrantha Huber var. bracteolata (Merrill) Maxwell, comb. nov. ined.
Dioclea macrocarpa Huber
Dioclea malacocarpa Ducke
Dioclea reflexa J.D. Hooker
Dioclea scabra (Richard) Maxwell var. scabra
Dioclea scabra (Richard) Maxwell var. schulzii Maxwell
Dioclea virgata (Richard) Amshoff var. crenata Maxwell
Dioclea virgata (Richard) Amshoff var. virgata
Dioclea wilsonii Standley
Diplotropis racemosa var. kaieteurensis = D. racemosa var. racemosa
Diplotropis racemosa (Hoehne) Amshoff var. racemosa
Diplotropis rigidocarpa Lima
Hymenolobium nitidum Bentham
Machaerium floribundum Bentham var. floribundum
Machaerium myrianthum Spruce ex Bentham
Machaerium quinata (Aublet) Sandwith *
Machaerium quinata (Aublet) Sandwith var. parviflorum (Bentham) Rudd
Mucuna sp.
Phaseolus sp.
Poecilanthe hostmannii (Bentham) Amshoff
Zornia latifolia Smith *

Gentianaceae (Gentian Family) - herb or slightly woody shrub or tree, sometimes a saprophyte; leaves opposite, sometimes whorled; flowers white, yellow, or blue/blue-purple; fruit usually a capsule.

Chelonanthus sp.
Coutoubea humilis Sandwith
Coutoubea ramosa Aublet *
Curtia tenuifolia (Aublet) Knobloch subsp. tenuifolia *
Irlbachia alata (Aublet) Maas subsp. alata
Irlbachia alata (Aublet) Maas subsp. longistyla Persoon & Maas
Irlbachia purpurascens (Aublet) Maas *
Neurotheca loeselioides (Spruce ex Progel) Baillon subsp. loeselioides
Tachia guianensis Aublet *
Voyria aphylla (Jacquin) Persoon *

Gesneriaceae (African Violet Family) - herb, sometimes epiphytic; leaves opposite, often with conspicuous pubescence, flowers often tubular, white, red, or red- orange; fruit a berry with many seeds.
(reviewed by J.K. Boggan)

Alloplectus savannarum C. Morton
Codonanthe calcarata (Miquel) Hanstein
Codonanthe crassifolia (Focke) C. Morton
Columnea guianensis C. Morton
Episcia hirsuta = Nautilocalyx cordatus
Gloxinia purpurascens (Rusby) Wiehler
Kohleria hirsuta (Kunth) Regel
Nautilocalyx cordatus (Gleason) L.E. Skog
Nautilocalyx pictus (Hooker) Sprague
Rhoogeton cyclophyllus Leeuwenberg
Rhoogeton viviparus Leeuwenberg
Tylopsacas cuneatum (Gleason) Leeuwenberg *

Hippocrateaceae - tree, shrub or woody vine with short, recurved branchlets that form hooks; leaves opposite; flowers are small, flat, with a central disk; fruits either a flat, compressed, 3-valved capsule, or fleshy.

Cheiloclinium belizense (Standley) A.C. Smith
Cheiloclinium diffusiflorum (Miers) A.C. Smith
Cheiloclinium hippocrateoides (Peyritsch) A.C. Smith
Cheiloclinium parviflorum = C. diffusiflorum
Hippocratea volubilis Linnaeus
Tontelea cf. laxiflora (Bentham) A.C. Smith

Humiriaceae - tree or shrub; leaves alternate, coriaceous; flowers small; fruits small.

Humiria balsamifera (Aublet) Saint-Hilaire *
Humiria crassifolia Martius ex Urban
Humiria floribunda = H. balsamifera

Icacinaceae - tree or shrub; leaves alternate; flowers small, white; fruit drupaceous.

Emmotum argenteum = E. glabrum
Emmotum glabrum Bentham ex Miers
Pleurisanthes flava Sandwith

Ixonanthaceae - tree; leaves alternate; flowers small, in axillary panicles; fruit a capsule.
(reviewed by R. DeFilipps)

Ochthocosmus barrae Hallier f.
Ochthocosmus roraimae Bentham var. parvifolium (Hallier f.) Steyermark & Luteyn

Lacistemataceae - tree or shrub; leaves alternate, membranaceous; flowers tiny, yellowish-green; fruit a small, berrylike capsule.

Lacistema aggregatum (Bergius) Rusby *

Lamiaceae (Mint family) - herb; leaves opposite, with a minty smell when crushed; small white flowers clustered in heads; fruit a capsule.

Hyptis pectinata (Linnaeus) Poiteau *
Ocimum campechianum Miller

Lauraceae (Avocado Family) - tree, shrub, or parasitic vine (Cassytha); leaves alternate or absent (Cassytha); flowers small, white; fruit green or whitish yellow (Cassytha), subtended by a cupule; cupule sometimes red.

Aniba rosaeodora Ducke
Cassytha filiformis Jacquin *
Licaria debilis (Mez) Kostermans
Ocotea caudata (Nees) Mez
Ocotea schomburgkiana (Nees) Mez

Lecythidaceae (Brazilnut Family) - tree or shrub; leaves alternate; flowers large and showy; fruit woody and dehiscent by operculum.

Couratari calycina Sandwith
Couratari multiflora (J.E. Smith) Eyma
Couratari riparia Sandwith
Eschweilera coriacea (A. de Candolle) Mori
Eschweilera decolorans Sandwith
Eschweilera eperuetorum Sandwith
Eschweilera lutea = Lecythis idatimon
Eschweilera sagotiana Miers
Eschweilera subglandulosa (Steudel ex Berg) Miers
Lecythis chartacea Berg
Lecythis corrugata Poiteau subsp. corrugata
Lecythis davisii Sandwith
Lecythis idatimon Aublet *
Lecythis zabucajo Aublet *

Lentibulariaceae (Bladderwort Family) - small insectivorous herb; leaves reduced or a basal rosette; flowers yellow, purple, lilac, or white; roots with bladderlike traps to capture minute invertebrates.

Genlisea nigrocaulis = Genlisea sp. [based on mixed collections]
Genlisea pulchella - G. repens
Genlisea pygmaea A. Saint-Hilaire
Genlisea repens Benjamin
Utricularia adpressa Salzmann ex A. Saint- Hilaire & Girard
Utricularia amethystina Salzmann ex A. Saint-Hilaire & Girard *
Utricularia calycifida Benjamin *
Utricularia flaccida A. de Candolle *
Utricularia guyanensis A. de Candolle *
Utricularia hispida Lamarck
Utricularia humboldtii Schomburgk *
Utricularia jamesoniana Oliver *
Utricularia kaieteurensis = U. amethystina
Utricularia longeciliata A. de Candolle *
Utricularia maguirei = U. calycifida
Utricularia peltata = U. pubescens
Utricularia peckii = U. guyanensis
Utricularia nana A. Saint-Hilaire & Girard *
Utricularia pubescens J.E. Smith *
Utricularia pusilla Vahl
Utricularia sandwithii P. Taylor *
Utricularia subulata Linnaeus
Utricularia tenuissima Tutin *

Loganiaceae (Strychnine Family) - lianas to spindly shrubs; leaves opposite, simple; flowers tubular, 4- or 5-lobed; fruit globose, usually large. Some types of curare.

Strychnos guianensis (Aublet) Martius *

Loranthaceae (Mistletoe Family) - parasitic shrubs or climbers; leaves opposite, thick, coriaceous; flowers reddish-orange.

Cladocolea micrantha (Eichler) Kuijt
Cladocolea sandwithii (Maguire) Kuijt
Phthirusa guyanensis Eichler
Phthirusa phaeocladus = P. guyanensis
Phthirusa rufa (Martius) Eichler
Phthirusa sandwithii = Cladocolea sandwithii
Phthirusa squamulosa = P. rufa
Psittacanthus lasianthus Sandwith

Lythraceae (Loosestrife Family) - herb or small shrub; leaves opposite, simple; flowers solitary, often axillary, pink to pale magenta; fruit a capsule.

Cuphea sp.

Malpighiaceae (Barbados Cherry Family) - tree, shrub or woody vine; leaves opposite; flowers yellow or pink, with large oil glands (4-5 pairs) on the calyx; fruit either fleshy and drupelike, or dry and with dorsal wings.

Banisteriopsis lucida (L.C. Richard) Small
Banisteriopsis martiniana (A. Jussieu) Cuatrecasas
Banisteriopsis pulcherrima (Sandwith) B. Gates
Byrsonima altissima de Candolle *
Byrsonima concinna Bentham
Byrsonima crassifolia (Linnaeus) Kunth *
Byrsonima eugeniifolia Sandwith
Byrsonima gymnocalycina A. Jussieu
Byrsonima incarnata Sandwith
Byrsonima rugosa = B. stipulacea
Byrsonima spicata (Cavanilles) de Candolle
Byrsonima stipulacea A. Jussieu
Stigmaphyllon sinuatum (de Candolle) A. Jussieu
Tetrapterys squarrosa = T. styloptera
Tetrapterys styloptera A. Jussieu *

Malvaceae (Hibiscus Family) - shrub or herb; leaves alternate; flowers yellow; fruit a mericarp.
(reviewed by L. Dorr)

Sida cordifolia Linnaeus *

Marcgraviaceae - hemiepiphytic, woody shrub or vine; inflorescences with unique saccate nectaries immediately subtending each flower; fruit a reddish, spongy, fleshy mass with numerous red seeds.
(reviewed by J.K. Boggan)

Marcgravia coriacea Vahl
Marcgraviastrum pendulum (Lanjouw & Heerdt) Bedell, comb. nov. ined.
Norantea guianensis Aublet subsp. guianensis *
Norantea pendula Lanjouw & Heerdt
Souroubea guianensis Aublet subsp. guianensis *

Melastomataceae - tree, shrub, herb or woody vine; leaves opposite, usually with 3 prominent vertical veins; flowers 4- or 5-petaled, white, pink, red, or purple; fruit a loculicidal capsule or berry.
(reviewed by J.J. Wurdack, 1996)

Aciotis acutiflora (Martius) Triana sensu Mathies
Aciotis annua (de Candolle) Triana
Aciotis indecora (Bonpland) Triana sensu Mathies
Aciotis laxa (de Candolle) Cogniaux var. kappleriana (Naudin) Cogniaux
Aciotis laxa (de Candolle) Cogniaux var. laxa
Appendicularia thymifolia (Bonpland) de Candolle
Bellucia grossularioides (Linnaeus) Triana *
Clidemia capitata Bentham
Clidemia hirta (Linnaeus) D. Don
Clidemia hirta (Linnaeus) D. Don var. elegans (Aublet) Grisebach *
Clidemia involucrata de Candolle
Clidemia minutiflora (Triana) Cogniaux
Clidemia ostentata Wurdack
Clidemia pycnaster Tutin subsp. robusta Wurdack
Clidemia rubra (Aublet) Martius *
Clidemia sericea D. Don
Clidemia strigillosa (Swartz) de Candolle
Comolia lythrarioides (Steudel) Miquel
Comolia microphylla Bentham
Comolia purpurea Miquel
Comolia vernicosa (Bentham) Triana
Comolia villosa (Aublet) Triana *
Diolena repens = Macrocentrum repens
Graffenrieda irwinii Wurdack *
Ernestia cataractae Tutin
Henriettea multiflora Naudin *
Henriettea ramiflora (Swartz) de Candolle
Henriettella caudata Gleason *
Leandra divaricata (Naudin) Cogniaux
Leandra purpurea Gleason
Leandra sanguinea Gleason
Macairea pachyphylla Bentham
Macairea thyrsiflora de Candolle
Macrocentrum cristatum (de Candolle) Triana var. microphyllum Cogniaux
Macrocentrum droseroides Triana *
Macrocentrum repens (Gleason) Wurdack
Macrocentrum vestitum Sandwith
Maieta poeppigii Martius ex Cogniaux
Meriania urceolata Triana *
Miconia bracteata (de Candolle) Triana
Miconia campestris (Bentham) Triana
Miconia ciliata (Richard) de Candolle
Miconia dodecandra (Desvaux) Cogniaux
Miconia egensis Cogniaux
Miconia lepidota de Candolle
Miconia maguirei Gleason
Miconia marginata Triana
Miconia mariae Wurdack
Miconia myriantha Bentham
Miconia panicularis = M. egensis
Miconia plukenetii Naudin *
Miconia polita Gleason
Miconia prasina (Swartz) de Candolle *
Miconia racemosa (Aublet) de Candolle *
Mouriri sp.
Myriaspora egensis de Candolle
Nepsera aquatica (Aublet) Naudin *
Phainantha laxiflora (Triana) Gleason
Pterolepis glomerata (Rottbþll) Miquel
Sauvagesia sprengelii A. Saint-Hilaire
Siphanthera cordifolia (Bentham) Gleason *
Siphanthera hostmannii Cogniaux
Tibouchina fraterna N.E. Brown *
Tococa aristata Bentham
Tococa desiliens Gleason *
Tococa nitens (Bentham) Triana

Meliaceae (Mahogany Family) - Understory to canopy tree; leaves usually alternate, pinnately or bipinnately compound; flowers 4- or 5-petaled, white, greenish, purple, or yellowish; fruit a capsule with arillate seeds.

Guarea gomma Pulle
Guarea macrophylla Vahl

Menispermaceae (Moonseed Family) - liana; leaves alternate, stiff; flowers green to yellow-green; fruit yellow. Some types of curare can be found in this family (cf. Loganiaceae).

Abuta bullata Moldenke
Abuta imene (Martius) Eichler
Abuta klugii = A. imene

Monimiaceae - shrubs to small trees; leaves opposite, with slight dentition along margins; flowers tiny, greenish to tannish; fruits with several seeds, borne on an expanded receptacle (Mollinedia), or fruitlets on a fleshy, berrylike receptacle (Siparuna).

Mollinedia sp.
Siparuna guianensis Aublet *

Moraceae (Fig Family) - tree or shrub, terrestrial or hemiepiphytic, with white latex; leaves alternate; flowers small; fruit an achene or drupe.

Brosimum guianense (Aublet) Huber *
Brosimum velutinum = B. guianense
Ficus albert-smithii Standley
Ficus broadwayi Urban
Ficus gleasonii = F. mathewsii
Ficus guianensis Desvaux
Ficus maguirei = F. panurensis
Ficus mathewsii (Miquel) Miquel
Ficus panurensis Standley
Ficus paraensis (Miquel) Miquel
Ficus savannarum = F. broadwayi

Myrsinaceae (Myrsine Family) - Small subshrubs to subcanopy trees; leaves alternate, glandular-punctate, exstipulate; flowers small; fruit a one-seeded berry.
(reviewed by J.J. Pipoly)

Cybianthus amplus (Mez) Agostini
Cybianthus brownii Gleason = C. venezuelanus
Cybianthus duidae (Gleason & Moldenke) Agostini
Cybianthus fulvopulverulentus (Mez) Agostini subsp. fulvopulverulentus
Cybianthus fulvopulverulentus subsp. magnoliifolius (Mez) Pipoly
Cybianthus guyanensis (A. de Candolle) Miquel subsp. multipunctatus A. de Candolle
Cybianthus multipunctatus = C. guyanensis subsp. multipunctatus
Cybianthus pakaraimae Pipoly
Cybianthus potiaei (Mez) Agostini
Cybianthus prieurii A. de Candolle
Cybianthus resinosus Mez
Cybianthus venezuelanus Mez

Myrtaceae (Guava Family) - small tree or shrub; leaves opposite, simple; flowers white; fruit small, fleshy, and one-seeded (except the cultivated guava).

Aulomyrcia albido-tomentosa = Myrcia sp.
Aulomyrcia platyclada var. kaieteurensis = Myrcia sp.
Aulomyrcia rotundata = Myrcia sp.
Calyptranthes bipennis O. Berg
Eugenia anastomosans de Candolle
Eugenia kaieteurensis Amshoff
Eugenia punicifolia (Kunth) de Candolle
Eugenia tapacumensis O. Berg
Marlierea buxifolia Amshoff
Marlierea salticola Almshoff
Myrcia extranea McVaugh
Myrcia fallax (L.C. Richard) de Candolle
Myrcia platyclada de Candolle
Myrcia rotundata (Amshoff) McVaugh var. rotundata
Myrcia sylvatica (G. Meyer) de Candolle
Myrciaria sp.

Nyctaginaceae (Bougainvillea Family) - small to middle-story trees; leaves opposite or subopposite; flowers small,often subtended by an involucre; fruits a berry.
(reviewed by R. DeFilipps, 1998)

Guapira eggersiana (Heimerl) Lundell *

Nymphaeaceae (Water-lily Family) - aquatic herbs; leaves alternate, usually floating on water surface; flower solitary, raised above water surface; fruit berry-like, spongy.

Nymphaea rudgeana G. Meyer

Ochnaceae (Ochna Family) - tree, shrub or herb; flower white or yellow; fruit small, narrow, fusiform capsule (Sauvagesia), or of fleshy black "berries".

Elvasia sp.
Ouratea cernuiflora Sandwith
Ouratea gillyana (Dwyer) Sandwith & Maguire
Ouratea mazaruniensis A.C. Smith & Dwyer
Ouratea roraimae Engler
Poecilandra retusa Tulasne *
Sauvagesia erecta Linnaeus *
Sauvagesia sprengelii Saint-Hilaire

Olacaceae (American Hog Plum Family) - tree, rarely scandent shrub or liana, sometimes parasitic; leaves alternate; flowers small, white, pale green or yellow; fruit a drupe, orange.

Dulacia crassa (Monachino) Sleumer *
Dulacia guianensis (Engler) Kuntze
Heisteria cauliflora J.E. Smith
Heisteria densifrons Engler
Heisteria maguirei Sleumer

Onagraceae (Evening Primrose Family) - herb, terrestrial or aquatic; leaves alternate, opposite, or whorled; flower yellow or white; fruit a capsule.

Ludwigia erecta (Linnaeus) Hara
Ludwigia hyssopifolia (G. Don) Exell
Ludwigia octovalvis (Jacquin) Raven *

Passifloraceae (Passion Flower family) - vines, herbaceous or woody, climbing by tendrils, (rarely shrub); leaves alternate, rarely palmately compound); tendrils axillary; flowers highly distinctive with several whorls of filaments forming a corona, the ovary crowned by 3 conspicuous diverging styles tipped by thick round stigmas; fruit a berry.
(reviewed by C. Feuillet)

Passiflora auriculata Kunth
Passiflora foetida Linnaeus var. hispida (de Candolle) Killip *
Passiflora garckei Masters
Passiflora glandulosa Cavanilles
Passiflora maguirei Killip
Passiflora nitida Kunth *
Passiflora vespertilio Linnaeus

Phytolaccaceae (Pokeweed Family) - shrub; leaves alternate, entire; flowers small, white; fruit a many-seeded berry, black.
(reviewed by C.L. Kelloff, 1998)

Phytolacca rivinoides Kunth & Bouché

Piperaceae (Black Pepper Family) - small tree, shrub or herb; leaves simple, entire; flowers very minute, borne on a densely spicate inflorescence; fruit a small drupe.

Peperomia elongata Kunth
Peperomia elongata Kunth var. guianensis Yuncker
Peperomia macrostachya (Vahl) A. Dietrich
Peperomia obtusiflora (Linnaeus) A. Dietrich
Peperomia pellucida (Linnaeus) Kunth
Peperomia rotundifolia (Linnaeus) Kunth
Piper aduncum Linnaeus *
Piper amapense Yuncker
Piper arboreum Aublet var. hirtellum Yuncker
Piper hostmannianum (Miquel) C. de Candolle

Podostemaceae - aquatic herb, growing on rocks at top of falls; leaves usually submersed, long, strap-like; flowers yellow; fruit a capsule.
(compiled by C.L. Kelloff, 1996)

Jenmaniella ceratophylla Engler var. ceratophylla
Jenmaniella ceratophylla Engler var. hexandra Engler
Jenmaniella isoetifolia van Royen
Rhyncholacis apiculata van Royen
Rhyncholacis jenmanii Engler forma laciniata van Royen *
Rhyncholacis jenmanii Engler forma dolchophylla van Royen

Polygalaceae (Milkwort Family) - herb or woody vine; leaves alternate; flowers pea-like, magenta, pink or white; fruit capsule (Bredemeyera & Polygala) or single-winged samara (Securidaca).
(reviewed by J.J. Wurdack, 1996)

Bredemeyera densiflora A.W. Bennett var. glabra A.W. Bennett *
Polygala adenophora de Candolle *
Polygala appressa Bentham var. gracillima A.W. Bennett
Securidaca pyramidalis Sprague
Securidaca retusa Bentham
Securidaca uniflora Oort

Polygonaceae (Buckwheat Family) - tree or shrub, often climbing; leaves alternate; flowers small; fruit a nut. Seagrapes are in this family.

Coccoloba guianensis = C. marginata
Coccoloba marginata Bentham

Proteaceae - tree or shrubby treelets; leaves alternate; flowers short, forming a bottle-brush inflorescence; fruit a small asymmetric follicle.

Roupala montana Aublet *

Rubiaceae (Coffee Family) - tree, shrub, or herb, rarely climbing (some epiphytes); leaves opposite, with interpetiolar stipules; corolla tubular; fruit a capsule, berry or drupe.

Borreria latifolia (Aublet) K. Schumann *
Borreria verticillata (Linnaeus) G. Meyer
Byrsonima incarnata Sandwith
Cephaelis fanshawei = Psychotria sp.
Cephaelis kaieteurensis = Psychotria sp.
Cephaelis pubescens = Psychotria bracteocardia
Cephaelis tatei = Psychotria crocochlamys
Cephaelis tomentosa = Psychotria poeppigiana subsp. poeppigiana
Chalepophyllum guianense Hooker f. var. guianense
Coccocypselum aureum (Sprengel) Chamisso & Schlectendahl var. capitatum (Bentham) Steyermark
Coccocypselum guianense (Aublet) K. Schumann var. guianense
Coccocypselum hirsutum de Candolle *
Cosmibuena grandiflora (Ruiz & Pavón) Rusby
Coussarea paniculata (Vahl) Standley
Didymochlamys connellii N.E. Brown *
Diodia ocimifolia (Willdenow ex Roemer & Schultes) Bremekamp
Duroia eriopila Linnaeus f.
Faramea egergia Sandwith
Faramea quadricostata Bremekamp
Faramea spathacea Müller-Argoviensis ex Standley
Ferdinandusa guainiae Spruce ex K. Schumann
Genipa americana Linnaeus *
Genipa spruceana Steyermark
Geophila cordifolia Miquel var. cordifolia
Geophila repens (Linnaeus) I.M. Johnston *
Hillia parasitica Jacquin
Isertia hypoleuca Bentham *
Ixora schomburgkiana Bentham
Malanea augustifolia = M. obovata
Malanea hypoleuca Steyermark
Malanea macrophylla Bartling ex Grisebach
Malanea obovata Hochreutiner
Manettia alba (Aublet) Wernham *
Pagamea capitata Bentham subsp. capitata
Pagamea guianensis Aublet *
Pagamea thyrsiflora Spruce ex Bentham
Palicourea crocea = P. croceoides
Palicourea croceoides Hamilton *
Palicourea guianensis Aublet *
Palicourea triphylla de Candolle
Perama dichotoma Poeppig & Endlicher var. dichotoma
Perama dichotoma Poeppig & Endlicher var. scaposa (Gleason & Standley) Steyermark
Perama hirsuta Aublet *
Posoqueria latifolia (Rudge) Roemer & Schultes subsp. latifolia *
Posoqueria longiflora Aublet
Posoqueria panamensis (Walpers & Duchassaing de Fontbressin) Walpers
Psychotria aneurophylla (Standley) Steyermark
Psychotria appuniana Steyermark
Psychotria barbiflora de Candolle
Psychotria bostrychothyrsus Sandwith
Psychotria bracteocardia (de Candolle) Müller-Argoviensis
Psychotria capitata Ruiz & Pavón
Psychotria carthagenensis Jacquin
Psychotria crocochlamys Sandwith
Psychotria dichotoma = P. platypoda
Psychotria fanshawei (Standley) Steyermark
Psychotria guadalupensis (de Candolle) Howard
Psychotria hemicephaelis Wernham
Psychotria hoffmannseggiana (Willdenow ex Roemer & Schultes) Müller-Argoviensis var. hoffmannseggiana
Psychotria iodotricha Müller-Argoviensis
Psychotria kaieteurensis Sandwith [endemic?]
Psychotria mapouria = P. mapourioides
Psychotria mapourioides de Candolle *
Psychotria mazaruniensis Standley
Psychotria muscosa (Jacquin) Steyermark subsp. breviloba Steyermark
Psychotria platypoda de Candolle
Psychotria poeppigiana Müller-Argoviensis *
Psychotria potaroensis (Sandwith) Steyermark
Psychotria psittacina Steyermark
Psychotria ramiflora Rusby
Psychotria rosea (Bentham) Müller-Argoviensis
Psychotria subundulata Bentham
Psychotria tapajozensis Standley
Psychotria transiens Wernham
Psychotria uliginosa Swartz *
Retiniphyllum schomburgkii (Bentham) Müller-Argoviensis subsp. schomburgkii
Rudgea ayangannensis Steyermark
Sabicea glabrescens Bentham
Sipanea cowanii Steyermark
Sipanea pratensis Aublet *
Spermacoce latifolia = Borreria latifolia
Spermacoce verticillata = Borreria verticillata

Sapindaceae (Soapberry Family) - tree, shrub or liana; leaves alternate, pinnate; flowers tiny; fruit capsule, with or without wings (Matayba & Paullinia) or a schizocarp (Serjania).
(reviewed by P. Acevedo-Rdgz.)

Matayba oligandra Sandwith
Paullinia vespertilio Swartz
Serjania exarata Radlkofer *

Sapotaceae (Sapodilla Family) - small tree with white latex; leaves spirally arranged; flowers yellow; fruit ellipsoid.

Pouteria cuspidata (A. de Candolle) Baehni subsp. robusta (Martius & Eichler) Pennington
Pouteria eugeniifolia (Pierre) Baehni
Pouteria kaieteurensis Pennington *

Scrophulariaceae (Foxglove Family) - herb, sometimes aquatic; leaves mostly opposite; flowers tubular, bilabiate; fruit a white, globose berry.

Achetaria guianensis Pennell
Conobea aquatica Aublet *
Scoparia dulcis Linnaeus *

Simaroubaceae (Quassia Family) - shrub (Simaba) or tree (Simarouba); leaves alternate, compound; flowers creamy, fragrant (Simaba); ripe fruit purple-black, fleshy (Simarouba).

Simaba monophylla (Oliver) Cronquist
Simarouba amara Aublet var. amara *
Simarouba amara var. typica = S. amara var. amara

Solanaceae (Nightshade Family) - shrub, herb, or woody vine; leaves alternate, simple or pinnately divided; flowers 5-lobed, yellow or purple; fruit a fleshy berry. Tomato and potato are in this family.

Lycianthes pauciflora (Vahl) Bitter
Markea prophyrobaphes Sandwith
Physalis pubescens Linnaeus
Solanum schlechtendahlianum Walpers
Solanum stramoniifolium Jacquin

Sterculiaceae (Cocoa Family) - shrub or leaves alternate; flowers small, white; fruit small, dry, separating into 5 dehiscent cocci.

Melochia melissifolia Bentham *
Theobroma cacao Linnaeus

Theaceae (Tea Family) - shrub to small tree; leaves alternate; flowers yellowish; fruit yellow-green.

Bonnetia sessilis Bentham
Ouratea cernuiflora Sandwith
Ternstroemia punctata (Aublet) Swartz *
Ternstroemia schomburgkiana Bentham

Tiliaceae (Linden Family) - shrub or tree; leaves alternate; flowers white, with long narrow petals; fruits brown, roundish and laterally compressed.

Mollia ulei Burret

Trigoniaceae - liana; leaves opposite; flowers white, pea-like; fruit a 3-valved capsule.

Trigonia kaieteurensis = T. laevis var. laevis
Trigonia laevis Aublet var. laevis *

Ulmaceae (Elm Family) - tree with small buttresses and longitudinalgreenish striations showing through bark; leaves alternate; flowers tiny, usually green; fruits a tiny, orange berry.

Trema micrantha (Linnaeus) Blume *

Verbenaceae (Verbena Family) - tree, shrub, or woody vine; leaves opposite (Aegiphila) or alternate (Amasonia); flowers smallish, white to greenish-white (Aegiphila) or with a narrow, tubular, yellow corolla subtended by red leaf-like bracts (Amasonia); fruit fleshy, enclosed by expanded cupular calyx. Teak is in this family.

Aegiphila integrifolia (Jacquin) Jackson *
Amasonia campestris (Aublet) Moldenke *

Violaceae (Violet Family) - small tree; flowers in a raceme, small, cream colored; fruit a 3-valved capsule.

Rinorea flavescens (Aublet) Kuntze *

Viscaceae (Mistletoe Family) - parasitic shrubs; leaves opposite; flowers and fruits sunken into pits.

Phoradendron acinacifolium Martius ex Eichler
Phoradendron crassifolium (Pohl ex de Candolle) Eichler
Phoradendron fanshawei Maguire
Phoradendron inaequidentatum Rusby
Phoradendron jenmanii = P. inaequidentatum
Phoradendron obtusissimum (Miquel) Eichler
Phoradendron piperoides (Kunth) Trelease

Vitaceae (Grapevine Family) - Tendrillate lianas; leaves alternate 3(--5) - foliolate; flowers small, in compound inflorescences; fruit a berry, turning black or dark purple at maturity.

Cissus sp.



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