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Mount Maringma, Guyana

Terry Henkel

Expeditions Map

Map showing Terry Henkel's collecting expeditions. For more information, click on the placemarks and follow the link in the information balloon. You can also click on the name of a trip (listed below the map) to reveal the trip's location on the map and open its information balloon.

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Trip 1: Mt. Ayanganna
Trip 2: Bartica - Essequibo River
Trip 3: Upper Ireng River - Mt. Wokomung I
Trip 4: Essequibo R. - Macouria R. - Blue Mountain
Trip 5: Kaieteur National Park
Trip 6: Essequibo R. - Berbice Savanna - Linden Hwy. - Mahaica Coast
Trip 7: Marudi Mountains - Kuyuwini R.
Trip 8: Mt. Wokomung II.
Trip 9: Essequibo Headwaters - Acarai Mountains
Trip 10: Achiknak - Malakwalai - Ireng R.
Trip 11: Ireng R. - Pakaraima Mts.
Trip 12: South Rupununi District

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