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Mount Maringma, Guyana

Tim McDowell

Expeditions Map

Map showing Tim McDowell's collecting expeditions. For more information, click on the placemarks and follow the link in the information balloon. You can also click on the name of a trip (listed below the map) to reveal the trip's location on the map and open its information balloon.

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Trip 1: St. Cuthberts - Rockstone
Trip 2: Karanambo - Surama - Karasabai
Trip 3: Kaieteur
Trip 4: Corentyne River - Orealla
Trip 5: Kamarang R. - Parumia - Utshi R. - Holitipu
Trip 6: Kurupukari - Rupununi R. and Mahdia - Eagle Mountain
Trip 7: Eping River I
Trip 8: Eping River II
Trip 9: Tapacuma
Trip 10: East Demerara Water Conservancy
Trip 11: Baramita - Matthews Ridge
Trip 12: North Fork River - Ebini Mountain
Trip 13: Kobadai Savanna - Haiamatipu

Note: These expeditions were made before affordable Global Positioning Systems (GPS) were available. This work is based on the publication: Smithsonian Plant Collections, Guyana: Tim McDowell, 1990-1991.
T. Hollowell, T. McDowell, V.A. Funk, C.L. Kelloff and D. Gopaul. 2004. Contributions from the United States National Herbarium. Volume 50: 1 - 150

Only a few modifications have been made from the coordinates that this publication provides.

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