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Carica papaya

Medicinal Plants of the Guianas
(Guyana, Surinam, French Guiana)

by Robert A. DeFilipps, Shirley L. Maina and Juliette Crepin, 2004

~ text version, pending illustrated publication ~

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Part 1 Acanthaceae - Combretaceae: pp 1-93

Part 2 Commelinaceae - Menyanthaceae: pp 94-189

Part 3 Metoriacaeae - Zingiberaceae: pp 190-293

Literature Cited: pp 294-311

Bibliography of Guianan Amerindians: pp 312-316

Glossary: pp 317-340

Medicinal Uses Index: pp 341-390

Common Names Index: pp 391-449

Species Index with family names: pp 450-477

Mauritia flexuosa, from Fenaroli
Mauritia flexuosa, the Ité Palm.
From L. Fenaroli, 1949. Le palme e i loro usi.

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