Plant specimen dryer finishing

Cut the canvas 24" wide and approx. 88" in length. Fasten a brass grommet in the upper left corner of canvas and attach using wing nut and bolt of frame. Stretch canvas to next corner, place grommet appropriately and attach to frame. Keep going around frame until canvas is attached to frame. You may want to add a grommet to the bottom corners of canvas where the two ends meet. This will hold the canvas tight to the frame on the bottom.

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A standard plant press will sit on the lower angle of the zinc at the top of the dryer. Close off any space on either side of a thin plant press by using a board or cardboard. Tighten and flip the press daily or as needed. Drying time varies according to several factors including specimen characteristics, humidity, and air circulation. Recheck specimens after they have been off of the dryer for a day or two to see if more drying is actually required.


CAUTION: FIRE HAZARD Check your plant drier frequently. Remember that you are dealing with paper and heat. Keep the heat source at a reasonable distance from the press. Make sure the press straps are not hanging on or near the heat source.

Any heat source, incandescent or involving combustion, can be dangerous and neither the author nor Smithsonian take any responsibility for losses or injuries.
Use common sense!