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Rhizophora (red mangrove) roots

Map of the political units in the Guiana ShieldPteridophyte and spermatophyte (Seed-bearing plant) families from Acanthaceae through Rubiaceae include distributions for the states of the Venezuelan Guayana: Amazonas (AM), Bolívar (BO), and Delta Amacuro (DA); and the three Guianas: Guyana (GU), Surinam (SU), and French Guiana (FG). Bryophytes and angiosperms from Ruppiaceae to Zygophyllaceae are currently only listed for Guyana, Surinam and French Guiana.

These lists are current as of mid 2005, however it is acknowledged that close review by specialists often brings errors or omissions to light, and the BDG Program greatly appreciates any communications of these findings to Sara Alexander at, or Department of Botany MRC 166, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC, 20013-7012.


Hepatophytes and Bryophytes (Guianas only)



Acanthaceae - Cacataceae

Caesalpiniaceae - Ericaceae

Eriocaulaceae - Lythraceae

Magnoliaceae - Plumbaginaceae

Poaceae - Rubiaceae

Ruppiaceae - Zygophyllaceae(Guianas only)

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