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These plant species lists are based on collections made in Guyana by the Smithsonian's Biological Diversity of the Guianas Program since 1986, and identifications of those collections as of January 2001. They do not reflect a complete inventory of Guyana's regions, as sampling has been focused on the country's interior, particularly the Pakaraima Mountains (Regions VII and VIII), and the Rupununi and more recently Southern Guyana (Region IX). Even in these areas, additional collecting and addition of identifications not yet reported will surely yield new records at the country and regional levels, as well as species new to science. Duplicates of these collections are located at the Centre for the Study of Biological Diveristy at the University of Guyana, the US National Herbarium at the Smithsonian in Washington DC, or are in the process of being processed and deposited at these institutions.

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I - Barima-Waini
II - Pomeroon-Supenaam
III - Essequibo Islands-W. Demerara
IV - Demerara-Mahaica
V - Mahaica-Berbice
VI - E. Berbice-Corentyne
VII - Cuyuni-Mazaruni
VIII - Potaro-Siparuni
IX - U. Takutu-U. Essequibo
X - U. Demerara-Berbice

Grid of species showing regions, from BDG records (224K)

Updated August 2008

Map of Guyana showing the ten (10) regions

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