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We thank Charles Handley (deceased), Robert Voss, Francois Catzeflis, and Javier Sánchez for their generosity in sharing their knowledge of Guiana Shield mammals. Jesus Molinari and Daniel Lew provided us with some unpublished data on the bats from Amazonas and Bol┬ívar states. Mammal research of José Ochoa G. in Venezuela is supported by Wildlife Conservation Society and Bat Conservation International. Since 1990, fieldwork in Guyana conducted by Mark Engstrom and Burton Lim has received generous financial support from the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) Foundation, Smithsonian Institution's Biological Diversity of the Guianas program, Iwokrama International Centre, Conservation International, and National Geographic Society. This is contribution number 261 from the Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Biology, ROM.


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