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There are 275 species of mammals known from the Guiana Shield study area. Just over half (146) of the diversity is represented by bats. Rodents are the next most speciose group and comprise 20% (55) of the species. Each of the remaining orders account for less than 8% of the mammalian diversity and include opossums with 20 species, carnivores with 17, 13 species of primates, 12 xenarthrans, five artiodactyls, two cetaceans, two manatees, two lagomorphs, and one tapir.

Based on the previous list of bats published by Lim and Engstrom (2001), the following changes are noted: Pygoderma bilabiatum is an erroneous record from Surinam (Voss and Emmons, 1996); previous records of Vampyressa melissa and Platyrrhinus lineatus for French Guiana are considered misidentifications (Charles-Dominique et al., 2001; Voss et al., 2001); the presence of Artibeus jamaicensis in the Venezuelan Guayana Region is recognized (Ochoa et al., 1993; Ochoa, 2000); Molossus aztecus is included in M. coibensis following Linares (1998); Nyctinomops gracilis is considered a valid taxon according to Handley (1976) and Molinari (pers. comm.). Other taxonomic considerations regarding previously published regional species lists are summarized in the account of species.

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