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Neomammillaria macracantha (Cactaceae) by Mary Emily Eaton

The Department of Botany in the National Museum of Natural History is building a database of botanical illustrations curated by the department's scientific illustrator, Alice Tangerini (view illustrations by Alice Tangerini). One of the goals of this long-term project is to make an on-line illustrated catalog of these illustrations available for our staff and others needing access to this information. Use the search form to the left to view the illustrations currently available on line.

It is our hope that the scientific drawings included in this catalog will contribute to the understanding and appreciation of the plant species illustrated. Images in this catalog are copyrighted © by the Smithsonian Institution. If you wish to reproduce these images for anything other than personal use or study, please contact Alice Tangerini for permission. For non-commercial, scientific, educational and personal use, please see our image use policy.

Brief biographical sketches are available for a number of the artists under the 'Selected Artists' link.

Suessenguthia wenzelii (Acanthaceae) by Alice Tangerini
Erato costaricensis (Asteraceae) by Alice Tangerini
Annona cherimola (Annonaceae) by Diane Robertson

Brief biographical sketches have been prepared for a number of the illustrators whose work is represented in the Catalog. These documents are being made available for personal use. This publication may be cited as the Smithsonian Catalog of Botanical Illustrations. This material was written by Larry Dorr (Research Botanist).

Peggy-Ann Kessler Duke

Mary Emily Eaton

Regina Hughes

Louis Charles Christopher Krieger

Margaret Ursula Mee (née Brown)

Kako Morita

Deborah Griscom Passmore

Harold Ernest Robinson

Marie L. Solt

Alice R. Tangerini

Helen Adelaide Wood

This project was developed by:

Larry Dorr (Research Botanist)
Sylvia Orli (Web Site Developer)
Alice Tangerini

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