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Plate Number: 1370
Publication: The Bromeliads. 1969. Plate 6; "Margaret Mee". Ed. Sylvia de Botton Brautigam et al. Rio de Janeiro: ArtePadilla 2006. Page 166
Client: Smith, Lyman B. - Size: 18.7x26
Remarks: The painting was displayed in the traveling exhibit: "Margaret Mee: Return to the Amazon" (1/16/96 - 8/20/99). The painting is matted in 30" x 39" matt and is on loan to Eva Pell, Under Secretary for Science, Smithsonian Institution and is in Room 325, Smithsonian Castle. Loan is through Richard Stamm, Curator, SI Castle Collections (11/19/10).

Tillandsia linearis (Bromeliaceae) Collection: , Brazil; flowering habit.
Artist: Mee, Margaret - Date unknown - gouache

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