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Caparia biflora, Scrophulariaceae, Stern 1457, Florida, USw25382, transverse section with bark

Acquisitions History

   In 1961, the division of Woods received "The Archie F. Wilson Wood Collection" on open exchange from the University of Illinois at Urbana. This collection of 4637 wood specimens from many sources and its supporting library were then probably the finest non-institutional collection of woods and associated library in the world. This acquisition made the Smithsonian Institution collection the second largest in the U.S.A. and vastly improved the supporting library, which is intercalated in the library of the Department of Botany.

   Other important wood collections acquired by the Smithsonian Institution and available for study are those made by:
  • William L. Abbott (Dominican Republic)
  • Misael Acosta-Solis (Ecuador)
  • William R. Barbour (Costa Rica, Haiti)
  • Henry H. Bartlett (British Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Philippines, Sumatra)
  • C.S.I.R.O. Australia (western New Guinea)
  • Kenton L. Chambers (Dominica, western U.S.A.)
  • College of Environmental Science and Forestry, State University of New York at Syracuse (U.S.A.)
  • L. A. Craven & Richard Schodde (New Guinea)
  • José Cuatrecasas (Colombia)
  • Adolpho Ducke (Brazil)
  • L. S. Dutton (Pacific Islands, including Caroline Islands, Mariana Islands, & Samoa)
  • John E. Ebinger (Panama)
  • Fan Memorial Institute (China)
  • Robert M. King (Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Thailand)
  • Boris A. Krukoff (Brazil, Sumatra, West Africa)
  • Emery C. Leonard (Haiti)
  • Bassett Maguire (Surinam, Venezuela)
  • Bassett Maguire et al. (Brazil & British Guiana)
  • Gerrit(t) S. Miller (Jamaica)
  • Gordon H. Pickles (Sarawak)
  • Henry Pittier (Panama)
  • Samuel J. Record & Henry E. Kuylen (Guatemala)
  • Raulino Reitz (Brazil)
  • José M. Schunke (Peru)
  • William L. Stern (Panama, Philippines)
  • William L. Stern & Sherwin Carlquist (Hawaii)
  • William L. Stern, Kenton L. Chambers, John D. Dwyer, & John E. Ebinger (Panama)
  • William L. Stern & Dieter C. Wasshausen (Dominica)
  • Harry N. Whitford & L. R. Stadtmiller (Guatemala-Honduras boundary)
  • Llewelyn Williams (Peru)
  • Archie F. Wilson (worldwide, many sources)
  • Felix Woytkowski (Peru)
  • John J. Wurdack & Lincoln S. Adderly (Venezuela).

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