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Espeletia photoThe José Cuatrecasas Botanical Endowment Fund was established to honor the lifelong botanical work and achievements of this pioneering botanist who spent many years working in the Department of Botany at the Smithsonian. His research, especially in the flowering plant family Asteraceae, was devoted to the discovery, classification, biogeography, and ecology of plants of the paramo and subparamo regions of Andean South America. The Cuatrecasas Botanical Fund supports significant research projects that emulate the spirit of the research of Don José Cuatrecasas. The Fund supports projects within the NMNH Department of Botany as well as projects initiated outside the Institution. Projects that focus on Latin America and make use of the collections and facilities at the United States National Herbarium in the Department of Botany receive priority. The Fund also supports the José Cuatrecasas Special Lectures which are delivered periodically at the Smithsonian by distinguished botanists.

The Endowment Fund is administered by the Department of Botany. The results of projects supported by the Fund must be communicated to the botanical and wider biological communities through publications and presentations at scientific meetings. Collections made during the course of investigations supported by the Fund are intended to enhance the diversity of collections in the United States National Herbarium and relevant herbaria in the countries where the materials were collected.

Friends and colleagues of José Cuatrecasas and the Department of Botany are invited to contribute to this important endowment that perpetuates the innovative and pioneering botanical work carried out by José Cuatrecasas. Contributions to the Fund can be sent to:

The José Cuatrecasas Botanical Endowment
Smithsonian Institution
Department 0561
Washington, DC 20073-0561*.
(Contributions should be in U.S. dollars.)

For further information concerning the Fund or the life and accomplishments of José Cuatrecasas, please contact Dr. Warren Wagner, Chairman, Department of Botany, National Museum of Natural History, Tel. (202) 633-0920, Fax (202) 786-2563, or e-mail.

* In the address the word "Department" must be written out in full.

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