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Department of Botany, Smithsonian Institution, presents annual award to Honor José Cuatrecasas
Laurence J. Dorr, Sherwin Carlquist, recipient of the 2006 Cuatrecasas Medal, W. John Kress

Sherwin Carlquist receives the 2006 José Cuatrecasas Medal for Excellence in Tropical Botany.

Left to right: Laurence J. Dorr, Chair of the Award Committee, Sherwin Carlquist, and W. John Kress, Chair of the Department of Botany.

In selecting Sherwin Carlquist for the 2006 José Cuatrecasas Medal for Excellence in Tropical Botany, the award committee was impressed by not only his important contributions to wood anatomical studies of tropical plants, but also his work on the natural history of islands. We were aware of his many contributions to scientific journals as well as a significant number of books published over the course of a distinguished and productive career. The impact of these books, Comparative wood anatomy: Systematic, ecological, and evolutionary aspects of dicotyledon wood (1961, 1988, 2001); Island life; a natural history of the islands of the world (1965); Island Biology (1974); Ecological strategies of xylem evolution (1975); Hawaii: a natural history; geology, climate, native flora and fauna above the shoreline (1970, 1980); and Tarweeds & silverswords: evolution of the Madiinae (Asteraceae) (2003), on botany is inestimable.

After notifying Dr. Carlquist that he had been selected for this award, he pointed out to the award committee a personal connection to the late Dr. Cuatrecasas. When Carlquist was writing Island Biology, he needed some photographs of Espeletias and other páramo plants, and Cuatrecasas lent him his negatives, which were in the form of fragile glass plates! Carlquist was able to print from these and acknowledges that this helpfulness greatly enriched the 1974 book.

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