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Iiwi on Maui

26-30 May 2011, East-West Center, Honolulu, Hawaii -


Now available - Code and instructions for Nick Matzke's R-and-Biogeography workshop session at the "Methodological Workshop On Biodiversity Dynamics", on May 26th.

Final NSF Report is now available. Click HERE for the PDF.

Ua Pou, Photo by Ken Wood, NTBG

Composed of a vast sea of islands and near shore environments, the culturally, biologically, and geologically diverse Pacific realm occupies a third of the planet and holds a crucial place in the Earth's history and resources. Pacific waters nurture two-thirds of the world's marine biodiversity. The islands are rich in plants and animals, most of which occur nowhere else. Pacific ecosystems respond rapidly to ecological and anthropogenic changes, and have become centers for extinction and endangerment of species as well. Because the people and biota of the Pacific face enormous challenges from climate change and loss of diversity and in order to stimulate creative and urgent research and synthesize knowledge about Pacific biogeography, an international conference will be convened. The conference will cover the contribution of Pacific biogeographic research to the fields of ecology, evolution, and conservation biology, and will highlight the contribution of indigenous knowledge to these subjects.

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