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Iiwi on Maui

Field Trips

Two post-conference field trips are being offered to all registered meeting attendees and their guests. Excursions include options to explore the history, ecology and/or geology of the islands and include visits to botanical gardens, museums, and natural areas.

All field trips are optional, but reservations are required. Additional fees may apply.

Volcanoes of the Big Island of Hawaii - This two-day excursion, beginning mid-day on Monday, May 30, provides a geological-biogeographical overview of three of the Big Island’s volcanic mountains including the planet’s largest mountain (Mauna Loa), it’s most active volcano (Kilauea) and the Pacific Basin’s highest island mountain (Mauna Kea).  Emphasis will be placed on the nature of eruption of Hawaii’s mid-oceanic plate, effusive shield volcanoes and post volcanic interaction with the atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere, including successional revegetation. Trip leader: Chuck Blay, TEOK Investigations. Cost: $275 per person. See the trip itinerary for additional details and reservation information. - LIMITED SPACE REMAINING

Natural History of Kaua`i - This two-day excursion, beginning mid-morning on Monday, May 30, provides a chance to see some of the highlights of Kaua`i’s remarkable natural history, including the richest fossil and archaeological site in the archipelago, as well as the gardens, restorations, and research facilities of the National Tropical Botanical Garden and the excellent birding at Kilauea Point and Hanalei National Wildlife Refuges. Trip leader:  David Burney, Director of Conservation, National Tropical Botanical Garden. Cost: $275 per person. See the trip itinerary for additional details and reservation information. - TRIP CANCELED

If you have a suggestion for an interesting field trip or would like to lead an excursion please contact Nancy Khan at

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