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Laurence E. (Larry) Skog, Curator and Research Scientist from 1973 until retiring in 2003, continues to work as an emeritus curator. Past projects include monographic work on the genera Gesneria, Pheidonocarpa, Kohleria, Reldia, Resia, Columnea, Cremosperma, Bellonia, Pearcea, and Gasteranthus; floristic treatments of Gesneriaceae for the Flora of Panama, Flora of China, Flora de Nicaragua, and Flora of the Guianas; and numerous papers describing 4 new genera and approximately 150 new species of Gesneriaceae. Larry is also a Research Associate at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota, Florida and serves on the board of the American Gloxinia and Gesneriad Society as chair of the Elvin McDonald Research Endowment Fund and as consulting taxonomist .

John Boggan has worked as a research assistant to Larry Skog since 1996. He assists the curation of the Gesneriaceae herbarium collection, maintains specimen, bibliographic, and nomenclatural databases, has coauthored papers, and has helped make the “Annotated Bibliography of Gesneriaceae” and “World Checklist of Gesneriaceae” available via the World Wide Web.

Warren L. Wagner is Curator of Pacific Botany and has worked extensively with the genus Cyrtandra on Hawaii and other Pacific islands. Online resources with information on Gesneriaceae include the Flora of the Hawaiian Islands and Flora of the Marquesas Islands.

Leslie Brothers is the assistant greenhouse manager in the department’s Botany Research Greenhouses in Suitland, Maryland and among other duties is responsible for maintaining the Smithsonian’s living collection of Gesneriaceae. Leslie also maintains the greenhouse accession data records and documents the living collection with photographs and herbarium specimens. Leslie worked as a research assistant to Larry Skog for several years and assisted in developing several projects.

Elizabeth Zimmer is a botanist in the Smithsonian’s Laboratories of Analytical Biology and has collaborated on and co-authored several molecular systematic studies of Gesneriaceae.

John L. Clark received his PhD degree in 2004 from George Washington University in Washington, DC studying under Patrick Herendeen and Larry Skog. John’s research is on the phylogeny, circumscription, and nomenclature of the genus Alloplectus and related genera. His molecular and morphological work towards a revision of the genus Alloplectus has led to a broader study of the relationships among the genera of tribe Episcieae. John is currently working on other projects in a postdoctoral position at the Smithsonian.

Christian Feuillet is a Research Associate who has worked closely with Larry Skog on numerous projects, most notably the Gesneriaceae treatment for the Flora of the Guianas and descriptions of new genera and species.

Silvana Marten-Rodriguez is a Ph.D. student at the University of Maryland studying under Charlie Fenster and Liz Zimmer. Silvana is working on pollination studies and phylogenetic relationships in tribe Gesnerieae.

Anna Weitzman coauthored the treatment of Gesneriaceae for the Flora of China and is working with Larry Skog on the typification of Chinese taxa.

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