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The Greenhouse, itself

General Policies

Myrna Adams with Amorphophallus titanum leaf
The greenhouse complex at the Museum Support Center is a research and living collections facility for the Department of Botany, of the National Museum of Natural History, and not an exhibit greenhouse. Persons working there are involved in the research activities of the department. These policies and regulations are provided in order to manage the greenhouses efficiently, maintain the living collections, and to insure that the activities of the Botany Department may be served to the best advantage.


Access to facilities:   Use of the greenhouse is restricted to those persons with a direct need to enter the greenhouse, and only by prior arrangement or notification of the greenhouse staff. This will aid in the timing of pesticide applications or other cultural needs.

New plant material:   Please contact the greenhouse staff for requirements before bringing in any plant material.

Housekeeping:   All persons using the greenhouses, headhouse, and equipment are expected to observe good housekeeping practices by returning equipment and unused supplies to the proper storage areas, cleaning the dirty pots they produce, and keeping the facilities clean and orderly. Please leave the area as you would wish to find it.

Environmental controls:   Adjustments of controlling devices (temperature settings, vents, time clocks, irrigation systems, etc.) will be made by, or at the direction of the greenhouse staff. All requests for changes should be made to the greenhouse manager.

Supplies:   Materials purchased for common greenhouse use will be provided by the Department of Botany, through the greenhouse manager. Materials needed solely for a specific project will have to be supplied by the researcher in need, and should be labeled.

Smoking, eating, drinking:   Smoking is not allowed in any area of the greenhouse complex. Eating and drinking should be confined to the headhouse.

Chemical applications:   Will be performed as needed. The greenhouses affected will be identified by a sign on the door indicating which chemical was applied, when it was applied, and when re-entry is allowed. Please observe the precautions on these signs for your safety and the safety of others.

Suggestions:   All users are invited and encouraged to make constructive suggestions to the greenhouse manager regarding more efficient greenhouse operations and/or cultural practices. The greenhouse committee (GHC) will review and amend these policies as necessary.

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