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Diacritical Conversion

Acharagma (N. P. Taylor) C. E. Glass, Guía Ident. Cact. México 1: [1] [AC/AG]. 15 Dec 1997 ('1998').
T.: A. aguirreanum (C. E. Glass et R. A. Foster) C. E. Glass ('aguierreana') (Gymnocactus aguirreanus C. E. Glass et R. A. Foster)
Escobaria sect. Acharagma N. P. Taylor, Kakteen Sukk. 34: 185. 1983.
For date of publication, see D. R. Hunt, Cactaceae Cons. Init. 5: 6. 1998.
PHAN.-CACTACEAE (115) 27 Aug 2003