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Diacritical Conversion

Acolium Trevisan, Flora 45: 4. 31 Jan 1862 (non (Acharius) S. F. Gray 1821).
Pseudacolium Stizenberger ex F. E. Clements 1909
Acolium notarisii Tulasne, cited by Trevisan as type of his new genus, had been published by Tulasne in the earlier genus, Acolium (Acharius) S. F. Gray 1821.
LICHENES (100) 9 Feb 1996

Diacritical Conversion

Acolium (Acharius) S. F. Gray, Nat. Arr. Brit. Pl. 1: 482. 1 Nov 1821.
T.: non designatus
Calicium subdiv. Acolium Acharius, Kongl. Vetensk. Acad. Nya Handl. 29: 277. 1808.
LICHENES (100) 9 Feb 1996