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Diacritical Conversion

Adeloda Rafinesque, Fl. Tell. 4: 61. 1838 (med.) ('1836').
Rafinesque l.c. quotes two species, viz. 1. A. serrata Rafinesque, based on van Rheede, Hort. Mal. 9: t. 43, which represents Adhatoda vasica C. G. D. Nees, and 2. A. integra Rafinesque, based on Rumph. Herb. Amb. 6: t. 22, which is Peristrophe roxburghiana (Schultes) Bremekamp. As Adhatoda C. G. D. Nees and Peristrophe C. G. D. Nees date from 1832, the name Adeloda is superfluous.
PHAN.-ACANTHACEAE (1) 9 Feb 1996