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Diacritical Conversion

Blumia K. P. J. Sprengel, Syst. Veg. 3: 12, 126. Jan-Mar 1826 (non C. G. D. Nees 1825 (nom. rej.)).
T.: B. javanica (Blume ex C. G. D. Nees) K. P. J. Sprengel (Reinwardtia javanica Blume ex C. G. D. Nees)
Reinwardtia Blume ex C. G. D. Nees 1824, non Dumortier 1822
Illegitimate substitute name.
PHAN.-ACTINIDIACEAE (10/104) 16 Mar 2004

Diacritical Conversion

Blumia C. G. D. Nees, Flora 8: 152. 14 Mar 1825 (nom. rej.).
T.: B. candollei (Blume) C. G. D. Nees ('candollii') (Talauma candollei Blume('candollii'))
nom. rej. vs. Blumea A. P. de Candolle 1833 (nom. cons.)
PHAN.-MAGNOLIACEAE (10) 9 Feb 1996