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Diacritical Conversion

Cladothrix (T. Nuttall ex Moquin-Tandon) Bentham et J. D. Hooker, Gen. 3: 37. 7 Feb 1880 (non F. Cohn 1875).
T.: C. lanuginosa (T. Nuttall) S. Watson (Geol. Surv. California Bot. 2: 43. 1880) (Achyranthes lanuginosa T. Nuttall)
Tidestromia Standley 1916
Alternanthera sect. Cladothrix T. Nuttall ex Moquin-Tandon in Alph. de Candolle, Prodr. 13(2): 359. 5 Mai. 1849.
PHAN.-AMARANTHACEAE (10/104) 16 Jan 2018

Diacritical Conversion

Cladothrix F. Cohn, Beitr. Biol. Pflanzen 1(3): 185, 204. 1875.
T.: C. dichotoma F. Cohn
When published, this genus of bacteria was considered to belong to the plant kingdom. The generic name is retained in botanical nomenclature for purposes of homonymy.
(2) 9 Feb 1996