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Diacritical Conversion

[C] Heterothrix A. Pascher, Arch. Protistenk. 77: 344. 2 Jun 1932 (non J. Müller Arg. 1860).
LT.: H. exilis (G. Klebs) A. Pascher (Bumilleria exilis G. Klebs) (vide F. E. Fritsch in G. M. Smith, Manual Phycol. 86. 1951)
Xanthonema P. C. Silva 1979

Diacritical Conversion

Heterothrix (B. L. Robinson) Rydberg, Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 34: 435. 10 Oct 1907 (non J. Müller Arg. 1860).
T.: H. longifolia (Bentham) Rydberg (Streptanthus longifolius Bentham)
Pennellia Nieuwland 1918
Thelypodium sect. Heterothrix B. L. Robinson in A. Gray, Syn. Fl. 1(1): 178. 10 Oct. 1895. For indication of type see Rydberg. l.c. 432.
PHAN.-BRASSICACEAE (79) 9 Feb 1996

Diacritical Conversion

Heterothrix J. Müller Arg. in C. F. P. Martius, Fl. Brasil. 6(1): 133. 1860.
T.: H. pycnantha (Steudel ex A. P. de Candolle) J. Müller Arg. (Echites pycnanthus Steudel ex A. P. de Candolle)
PHAN.-APOCYNACEAE (75) 06 Nov 2012