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Diacritical Conversion

xHordelymus Bachtj et Darevsk, Bot. Zurn. (Moscow & Leningrad) 35: 191. 1950 (non (Jessen) Harz 1885).
≡ x Elyhordeum Mansfeld ex N. V. Zizin et K. A. Petrowa 1955
Hordeum Linnaeus 1753 x Elymus Linnaeus 1753.
PHAN.-POACEAE (75) 9 Feb 1996

Diacritical Conversion

[C] Hordelymus (Jessen) Harz, Samenkunde 2: 1147. 1885.
T.: H. europaeus (Linnaeus) Harz (Elymus europaeus Linnaeus)
Cuviera G. L. Koeler 1802 (nom. rej.)
Hordeum subg. Hordelymus Jessen, Deutschlands Gräser 202. 1863.
Proposed as a substitute name for Cuviera G. L. Koeler 1802 (nom. rej.), non A. P. de Candolle 1807 (nom. cons.).
PHAN.-POACEAE (11/104) 9 Feb 1996