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Diacritical Conversion

Kreysigia H. G. L. Reichenbach, Icon. Bot. Exot. 3: 11. 1830.
T.: K. multiflora (R. Brown) H. G. L. Reichenbach (Schelhammera multiflora R. Brown)
Possibly published by Reichenbach in Mitth. Geb. Flora 13: 68. 1829 (non vidi).
PHAN.-LILIACEAE (80) 9 Feb 1996

Diacritical Conversion

Parduyna R. A. Salisbury, Gen. 58. Apr-Mai 1866.
T.: Schelhammera multiflora R. Brown
Kreysigia H. G. L. Reichenbach 1830
PHAN.-LILIACEAE (75) 12 Jan 2001