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Diacritical Conversion

Lepidopteris W. P. Schimper, Traité Paléont. Vég. 1: 572. t. 34. 1 Mar 1869.
LT.: L. stuttgardiensis (G. F. Jaeger) W. P. Schimper ('stuttgartiensis') (Aspidioides stuttgardiensis G. F. Jaeger) (vide T. M. Harris, Meddel. Grønland 85(3): 58. 1932 (as 'stuttgartensis'))
Aspidioides G. F. Jaeger 1827
Foliage; Triassic (Keuper); near Stuttgart, Germany.
Seward (Foss. Pl. 4: 53. 1919) wrongly suggests that Schimper already considered L. ottonis to provide the type, a suggestion that even is against the protologue because Schimper only provisionally placed L. ottonis in Lepidopteris. Under Art. 60.7, 'correction' of the epithet (derived from Stuttgardia) is not permitted.