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Diacritical Conversion

Monocaryum (R. Brown) H. G. L. Reichenbach, Consp. 64. Dec 1828-Mar 1829.
T.: Hypoxis fascicularis Linnaeus
Colchicum sect. Monocaryum R. Brown in Denham et Clapperton, Narr. Travels N. Centr. Africa, Bot. App. 243. 1826.
Substitute name for Paludana R. A. Salisbury 1866, non Giseke 1792.
PHAN.-LILIACEAE (80) 15 Jul 2008

Diacritical Conversion

Paludana R. A. Salisbury, Gen. 53. Apr-Mai 1866 (non Giseke 1792).
T.: Hypoxis fascicularis Linnaeus
Monocaryum (R. Brown) H. G. L. Reichenbach 1828
PHAN.-LILIACEAE (75) 12 Jan 2001