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Diacritical Conversion

[C] Morrisographium M. Morelet, Taxon 17: 528. 22 Oct 1968.
T.: Phragmographium ulmi E. F. Morris
Substitute name for Phragmographium E. F. Morris 1966, non Phragmographum P. C. Hennings 1905.
The new combination for the type species proposed by Morelet, M. pilosum (Earle) Morelet (Isariopsis pilosum Earle), is based on taxonomic considerations.
FUNGI ['CAET.']-HYPHOMYCETES (75) 9 Feb 1996

Diacritical Conversion

Phragmographium E. F. Morris, Mycopathologia 28: 99. 31 Jan 1966 (non Phragmographum P. C. Hennings 1905).
T.: P. ulmi E. F. Morris
Morrisographium M. Morelet 1968
FUNGI ['CAET.']-HYPHOMYCETES (55) 9 Feb 1996