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Diacritical Conversion

Neocalamites T. G. Halle, Kongl. Svenska Vetenskapsakad. Handl. 43(1): 6. 1908 (post 9 Mai).
T.: non designatus
Stem with leaves; Triassic (Rhaetian); Högenäs, Scania, Sweden.
Harris (Meddel. Grønland 85(2): 21. 1931) mentioned as type N. hoerensis; on p. 22, he cited its authorship as "(Schimper) Halle", with Schizoneura hoerensis Schimper as its basionym. The latter is a n. comb., based on Calamites hoerensis Hisinger. Halle (l.c. 7, 32), however, explicitly excluded C. hoerensis Hisinger.
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