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Diacritical Conversion

Nephropteris A. T. Brongniart in A. C. V. D. d'Orbigny, Dict. Universel Hist. Nat. 13: 65. Jul-Dec 1849.
LT.: N. orbicularis (A. T. Brongniart) W. P. Schimper (Traité Paléontol. Vég. 1: 429. 1869) (Cyclopteris orbicularis A. T. Brongniart) (vide J. W. Dawson, Fossil Pl. Devon. Upper Silur. Format. 49. 1871 (post 26 Jun))
Cyclopteris A. T. Brongniart 1828 (nom. cons.) (by lectotypification)
Brongniart's text was also published separately as Tableau Genres Vég. Foss. 1849; this could not be seen and whether this appeared earlier, could not be established.
Foliage; Carboniferous; England.
FOSSIL-FILICOPHYTA (75/104) 30 Aug 2017