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Diacritical Conversion

Nephropteris A. T. Brongniart in A. C. V. D. d'Orbigny, Dict. Universel Hist. Nat. 13: 65. Jul-Dec 1849.
LT.: N. obliqua (A. T. Brongniart) W. P. Schimper (Traité Paléontol. Veg. 1: 430. 1869) (Cyclopteris obliqua A. T. Brongniart) (vide H. N. Andrews, Bull. U. S. Geol. Surv. 1013: 194. 1955)
Brongniart's text was also published separately as Tableau Genres Vég. Foss. 1849; this could not be seen and whether this appeared earlier, could not be established.
Foliage; Carboniferous; Greenough, Yorkshire, England.
FOSSIL-FILICOPHYTA (75/104) 08 Feb 2011