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Diacritical Conversion

Omphalaria Girard et Dunal ex Nylander, Mém. Soc. Sci. Nat. Cherbourg 3: 164. Jul-Dec 1855.
T.: non designatus
Omphalaria Girard et Dunal ex Durieu, Fl. d'Algérie, Cryptog. 1: 201. 1846 was not validly published.
LICHENES (100) 19 May 2009

Diacritical Conversion

Omphalaria A. Massalongo, Framm. Lich. 13. 1855 (nom. rej.).
T.: O. decipiens A. Massalongo
Anema Nylander ex K. B. J. Forssell 1885 (nom. cons.)
LICHENES (100/110) 07 Jul 2010