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Diacritical Conversion

[C] Otidea (Persoon) Bonorden, Handb. Allg. Mykol. Anleit. Stud. 205. 1851.
LT.: O. onotica (Persoon ex E. M. Fries) Fuckel (Jahrb. Nassauischen Vereins Naturk. 23-24 (Symb. Mycol.): 329. post 18 Feb. 1870) (Peziza onotica Persoon ex E. M. Fries) (vide P. A. Saccardo, Bot. Centralbl. 18: 215. 1884)
Based on Peziza sect. Cochleate, E. M. Fries, Syst. Mycol. 2: 46. 1823.
Fries cited Peziza sect. Otidea Pers. (Mycol. Eur. 1: 220. 1822) in synonymy.
FUNGI ['CAET.']-OTIDEACEAE (90/104) 02 Oct 2014