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Diacritical Conversion

Protocupressinoxylon W. Eckhold, Hoftüpfel Rezent. Fossil. Konif. [4]. 1921 (post 16 Apr).
LT.: P. koettlitzii (Seward) W. Eckhold (Jahrb. Preuss. Geol. Landesanst. 42: 491. 1923 ('koettlitzi')) (Cupressinoxylon koettlitzii A. C. Seward ('koettlitzi')) (vide Müller-Stoll et Schultze-Motel, Z. Deutsch. Geol. Ges. 140: 54. 1989)
Wood; Cretaceous (?); Franz Josef Archipelago.
According to the LT authors, the earlier choice of P. cupressoides (Holden) Eckhold by Vogellehner 1968 is inappropriate because of the bad preservation of this species. Eckhold cites the species basionym as Cedroxylon koettlitzi Seward. This combination does not exist, it is generally accepted that he meant Cupressinoxylon koettlitzii Seward, see Jongmans & Dijkstra, Foss. Cat. 80: 163. 1971.