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Diacritical Conversion

Pseudosecale (Godron) A. von Degen, Fl. Veleb. 1: 575 ('Psendosecale'). 1936.
T.: P. villosum (Linnaeus) A. von Degen (Secale villosum Linnaeus)
Triticum sect. Pseudosecale Godron in Grenier et Godron, Fl. France 3: 599. Sep(?) 1856.
Nomenclaturally superfluous name for Haynaldia Schur 1866 and Dasypyrum (Cosson et Durieu) T. Durand 1888, but not illegitimate under Art. 52.3 ICN.
PHAN.-POACEAE (75/104) 10 Sep 2015