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Diacritical Conversion

Pycnophyllites J. Tuzson, Res. Wiss. Erforsch. Balatonsees 1(1) Anhang 4(1): 21. 1911.
T.: P. brandlingii (Lindley et W. Hutton ex Witham) J. Tuzson ('brandlingi') (Pinites brandlingii Lindley et W. Hutton ex Witham ('brandlingi'))
Dadoxylon Endlicher 1847 (by lectotypification)
Wood; Upper Carboniferous; Wideopen, N of Newcastle upon Tyne, N. England.
P. brandlingii was validly published by Witham, Intern. Struct. Foss. Veg. 44. 1833 by reference to the species description of Lindley & Hutton, Foss. Fl. Gr. Brit. 1: [1]. 1831 (published before the generic name was validly published).