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Diacritical Conversion

Ampeloplis Rafinesque, Sylva Tell. 33. Oct-Dec 1838.
T.: A. chinensis Rafinesque, nom. illeg. (Rhamnus theezans Linnaeus)
Sageretia A. T. Brongniart 1826 (by lectotypification)
PHAN.-RHAMNACEAE (10/104) 14 Mar 2000

Diacritical Conversion

[C] Sageretia A. T. Brongniart, Mém. Fam. Rhamnées 52. Jul 1826.
LT.: S. theezans (Linnaeus) A. T. Brongniart (Rhamnus theezans Linnaeus) (vide L. K. G. Pfeiffer, Nom. 2: 1018. 20 Mar 1874)
PHAN.-RHAMNACEAE (10/104) 22 Nov 2017