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Diacritical Conversion

[C] Thuidium W. P. Schimper in Bruch et al., Bryol. Eur. 5: 157. 1852.
LT.: T. tamariscinum (J. Hedwig) W. P. Schimper (Hypnum tamariscinum J. Hedwig) (vide Grout, Moss Fl. N. Amer. 3: 174. Nov 1932).
The choice of T. minutulum (J. Hedwig) W. P. Schimper (Hypnum minutulum J. Hedwig) by E. G. Britton in N. L. Britton (Fl. Bermuda 446. 1918) is a mechanical choice that may be superseded.
MUSCI-THUIDIACEAE (12/104) 31 Aug 2010