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Diacritical Conversion

[C] Brodiaea J. E. Smith, Trans. Linn. Soc. London 10: 2. Feb 1810 (nom. cons.).
T.: B. grandiflora J. E. Smith, nom. illeg. (Hookera coronaria R. A. Salisbury, B. coronaria (R. A. Salisbury) Jepson) (typ. cons.)
For the publication date, see p. [xxxii] of Stearn's introduction to the 1960 facsimile of Brown's Prodromus.
PHAN.-LILIACEAE (11) 04 Oct 2018

Diacritical Conversion

Hookera R. A. Salisbury, Parad. Lond. ad t. 98. 1 Mar 1808 (nom. rej.).
T.: H. coronaria R. A. Salisbury
Brodiaea J. E. Smith 1810 (nom. cons.)
nom. rej. vs. Hookeria J. E. Smith 1808 (post Jun) (nom. cons.)
PHAN.-LILIACEAE (11) 9 Feb 1996